My sister had a party and didn't invite me

My parents are out of town for their 85th annivesary (okay, like 25th, but I don’t keep track and they’re old), and my sister and I are home alone (everyone else is too young so they’re at friend’s houses). I had to go do stuff with the Frat yesterday, and when I got home (around 12:30) there was a half dozen cars in the driveway!! Apparently, she’d told everyone at school she was having a party! It was BYOB because they’re in HS… that biznatch! If she’d told me I’d have got them a keg or some coolers or something. Serves her right!

They freaked and the party broke up at 12 cuz the cops drove by a few times. Uh, Sarah, keep everyone in the house, keep it at a low roar (we’re rural, so volume isn’t a big deal) and keep the doors locked so they can’t just barge in… and if the cops decide to make an issue, ask for a warrant before you even open the door. Duh!

Well, the point is that to prepare she bought 3 12 packs of soda and an assload of candy. I’m in charge of getting rid of it all before mom and dad get home tomorrow. So my work’s cut out for me. Yesss!


Did you get laid?

No, but that’s what UseNet’s for.


Soda and candy???
you should be thankful she didn’t invite you…

See, that’s what I was lamenting. She didn’t have any alcohol (therefore the party was waaay lame) because I wasn’t around to buy for them! And I will NOT have our shared name known as one that throws lame parties. That’s why I’m irritated.

I fixed that tonite. $50 worth of hard liquor. That should do for a nice small party.


Kid, remember that we know you. Your sister had a party and didn’t invite you? Can you really blame her? We don’t invite you to parties, either.

I’m having a party right now and you’re not invited.

Wait, you said you had liquer…c’mon over, then. And bring your sister.

We do SO invite Homer. Homer, come up to ChiDope on the 21. Hop the train from Kansas City! Leave the 'shrooms at home.

Hell, isn’t GLWasteful from KC? Catch a ride with him!!