My sister, the Karen of all Karens

I have little contact with my sister, because mostly she’s a bitch of all sorts, but today she called me out of the blue for some birthdates and stuff as she’s compiling a ‘family tree’. All good, no dramas there.

But then, the talk turned to politics, and how the premier of her state (my OLD state) is a moron yada yada (she’d have voted Trump if she was American, I’m sure!)

And her biggest complaint? (There’s a major infrastructure thing happening, removing ‘level crossings’ (over train lines) in metro Melbourne and turning the lines into overpasses…it’s a big thing, and there’s been obvious delays due to closed roads and stuff.)

She had an appointment with the hairdresser the other day, normally it would take her 5 min to get there, but she had to suffer a 20 min drive instead due to the delays,

I hereby deny any genetic connection to Karen.

I don’t think she quite qualifies as a Karen unless she asked to see the hairdresser’s manager and demanded that her styling be free as “compensation” for those delays.

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I just got here, but this is the point at which you should have shouted, “Oh my God! My neighbor’s house is on fire! Gotta run, Sis! Catch ya later!”

But you know that now, right?

My sister is a Karen and would totally be appalled if you told her that. She micromanaged her kids’ lives and has since turned to me, specifically my health and health care.
If there are delays in communicating with a doctor or department, she will call them up and pitch a fit. I appreciate the intent, and once or twice it’s actually had good results, but I can’t help thinking everyone at my doctors’ offices think of me as “the guy with the crazy sister.” I feel bad for the people who have to receive her complaints, too.
Of course I stopped mentioning these issues to her after the first few instances, but she’s an expert at getting around my misdirection and evasion (“when’s the last time you talked to Dr X?”).
In addition, I get at least six texts a day asking how I am doing. She’s Karening me, too, but with love!
My wife is absolutely appalled by this, too. Nobody in my family is like this, I can’t begin to guess where it comes from.

I gotta say, you need more than bitching about a traffic delay to you to make her that bad. Otherwise everyone that ever bitches about traffic delays is that bad. And pretty much everyone on here would be that bad because we’ve all bitched about stuff to people, often on this very board.

(I still really fucking hate the term “Karen.” It’s not my name but it’s one of my sisters’ names and she basically can’t make a legitimate complaint under her own name now).

It’s not the bitchin’ per se, it’s that she holds the Victorian Premier personally responsible for her minor inconvenience. Despite the net benefit that the rail crossing improvements will confer, according to my sister, she’s got few years left to take advantage of those benefits, but she is suffering NOW and that’s really all that matters.

And she’s always been just like this. Le sigh.

Ah, I should have been able to read that into what you wrote. Still, I’ve heard of far worse. Bitching to you is different to bitching to the employees. Probably not very comforting when it’s your own family member!

Two of my other siblings (not the one named Karen) are strident anti-vaxxers who are in positions where they may have actually persuaded people not to vaccinate, if that helps?

Y’all don’t really know what a Karen is.