My son: Flopsy

I’m outta here for the weekend!

I’ve got a seven and a half hour drive ahead of me today so I can see my son make his acting debut tonight at his school at 1900. In an adaptation of Beatrix Potters’ Peter Rabbit, he will stun the theater world with his definitive portrayal of Peter’s erstwhile brother Flopsy!

I don’t want to think what it says about a man who’s willing to spend nearly $350 dollars on gas, tolls, food, lodging and incidentals so I can see Skirmie (my son) forget his lines with 14 other like-minded second graders, sit next to his ex-wife (Grrrr.) through the performance, burn four days of valuable vacation time and, in general, fawn over a kid attempting to make up for my recent foray into the Gulf Stream.

God help me, I’m so looking forward to it though!

Last line in para three should read: “… fawn over a kid **as I ** attempt to make up for my recent …”

::Preview, Proof, then Post::

Tell him to “Break a leg” for us!

(that’s not child abuse is it?)

later, Tom.

Now THAT is a dedicated dad. My hat’s off to you**, Chief.
Here’s hoping he breaks the proverbial leg! Let us know how he did.

Oh, and take lots of pictures; they’re great for blackmai…um, to show the prom date and post at his wedding.

**[sub]If I was wearing a hat, that is. Office dress code doesn’t allow them.[/sub]

What it says is that you are an excellent father, who puts his son’s feelings above his own. Oh, if only the world was full of fathers like you.

Bring the camcorder, get there early, and be prepared to swap elbows with all of the other dads while fighting for prime taping position.

Er, maybe I shouldn’t bring this up, but I thought Flopsy was Peter’s sister

Just don’t tell Chief Scott’s son. Somtimes stuff like that bothers little kids.

Have fun, Chief Scott! You are a wonderful dad.

You know Peter was only driven to steal from the farmer due to sibling rivarly with Flopsy and Mopsy.