My staff keeps me humble

A while back, I was approached by one of my physician assistants.

PA: I saw that asthmatic today, the one whose medications you changed all around last month. He says since you did that, he’s never felt better, and his asthma doesn’t really bother him at all, for the first time that he can remember.

Me: Great! I must be a genius, huh?

PA: No, not really.

You know as well as I do, doc: The ones who are most valuable are the ones willing to call you on your crap.

Well, there are thousands of Dopers who are convinced of your genius. Your staff is, what, a few dozen people or fewer? We outnumber them, and as you know, the majority is always right.

Tell him to work on his sense of humor. Nothing worse than a doctor without one!

It says something about you that one of your PAs felt comfortable responding like that.

The compliment is cool too. It shows that your PA doesn’t think your head’s too big. :slight_smile:

That PA is a great guy. A most unusual personality, but a real treasure to work with, and BS with.

He was being quite serious and un-selfconscious with his statement.

Glancing once again down the front of my shorts

Yeah, me too… (heavy sigh)

Dammit, Quadgop, you’re a doctor, not a genius!

Your mother dresses you funny, too.

Do you need us to come beat up your PA? Really, it would be our pleasure.

I’m not beating up on the PA. Doctors I like and respect are the ones that get the sharp side of my tongue. Someone has to keep their heads from exploding. :smiley:

QtM is well worth admiration and respect, so anyone keeping him grounded is worth the same.

QtM, tell him to keep it up. :smiley:

My staff always keep me very humble - they line up to do so. We have a great working relationship and the best part is we can switch from teasing to banter to professional in a flash- and neither myself or the staff questions the capacity or time to do it.

Staff overall are a pain in the rear end, but I’ve been very lucky.

It’s easy being a techo. Managing staff is the most difficult thing on the planet in my view. :frowning:

Whether or not the guy’s a prisoner, you’ve made a difference in his life by carefully evaluating and re-arranging the meds - you could have been the doc that just said “Keep a Primatene inhaler in your pocket.”

Just don’t let it go to your head. :smiley: