My Stupidity Surpassed Even My Own Expectations

sigh What a crappy, crappy day I had today. However, this is mostly due to my own feeblemindedness.
First off, right from when the alarm went off, I was tired. Why? I stayed up until very late at night, knowing full well I was staying up too late. Then, when I did wake up, my first motion was to hit the snooze alarm. Again, stupid move on my part.
Well, I finally got up, showered, got dressed, and packed up for school. I had some extra materials to bring to school today too, so I barely had enough time to get it ready. I carried this box of stuff, my bag of books, and my jacket out the door and slammed it behind me. Then, I juggled everything to get my jacket on, and then panic sets in. OH NO! It hit me! I balanced my stuff in one hand as I frantically checked my pocket. No car keys! I must have left them in the house on my dresser. Well, I’d have just gone to get them…but I checked my other pocket, very…slowly. I lowered my head and closed my eyes. Sweet shimmering sheep shit, I forgot my house keys too! On top of this, nobody else was home. I was already running late and now I was totally screwed. Wait! Maybe the neighbour had a key! I thought I was home free, but no…no, she doesn’t have a key. She returned it after our last vacation. We have a key for her house, but that doesn’t help me. Crap, crap, crap.
So, I called my parents from the neighbour’s house, or attempted to. I have my mom’s work number/dad’s cellular phone number in my wallet. Where was that? On my bloody dresser. I luckily remembered my mom’s work number. However, she’s too far away. So she gave me my dad’s number. I called, but he was busy. I pleaded, and he said he’d be there when he could. So I sat and talked to my elderly neighbour for a while; what seemed like a very long while. Then, after a long time, my dad showed up. I got in, and was quickly off.
Got to the university, but because I didn’t go when I should have, there was no spots. I had to park at the other end of the campus. The box of materials I had with me must have weighed around 30 lbs. sigh I trecked around the university campus, and got to my class in time! Sweet! Except, apparently, I didn’t even really need to be there. Mostly review. Crap. So, I took my box of stuff to my next class (back near where I’m parked). The box contained many, many magazines, for collage animation. Well, a little over half-way through class, a fire-drill sounded. By the time we got out and back in, there was no time for my group to do our animating. Now, my friend and I can easily go in and do it later, but it meant that I carried that box around for nothing! Then, afterwards, my profs aren’t around anywhere, so I can’t even get a equipment booking sheet signed.
A very, very long, tiring, frustrating, craptastic day. And it was mostly due to my own imbecility. sigh :frowning:

Aw, Rob, that does suck. I’ve locked myself out before, more than twice, actually. Fortunately, we keep a key hidden in our yard. I had to climb our fence to get in there, though, and that was not fun. Good thing I didn’t have an audience.

God, what rude person were you talking to that kept you awake so late, anyway? :smiley:

Hmmm, I wonder? :wink: