My sweat smells like maple syrup!!!

I am taking fenugreek to help with my milk supply (I am nursing my 6 month old daughter) and yes, I was warned that a side effect is the maple syrup smell, but it’s still WEIRD …

So in addition to the yuckier armpit smell I’ve had since giving birth (I’m guessing it’s the hormones), there is now a ‘lovely’ additional smell of maple.

Eeeuwww …

Have you noticed the price of maple syrup lately? Maybe you can bottle your sweat and…

It will give your child a lifelong love of pancakes!

[~Roger Miller]
Roses are red, violets are purple.
Stainz’s sweat’s as sweet as maple surple.
[/~Roger Miller]

hmmm yeah … I guess I could smell like many worse things!!!

(wow, that is some BAD grammar - maybe my brain is getting cavities from this stuff! :slight_smile: )

As long as it’s just sweat. There’s a disease called Maple Syrup Urine Disease.

We begin life suckling on a bottle of maple syrup, and if we’re lucky, we end life suckling on a bottle of maple syrup. Denny Crane.

My sweat smells like chocolate cake with a hint of coffee.

And I’m not kidding, either. It doesn’t even smell like sweat. Unless it hits high concentrations, which, with my new deodorant, never happens. I seriously have a hint o’ chocolate cake in my pits.

But I love maple more than chocolate! I think I’m going to have to start taking that stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

How you doin’, rinni?

Stainz must be popular down at the I-hop! :smiley:

If you plan on hitting the gym soon, bring along some french toast instead of towels. Sure, you’ll get funny looks, but you’ll have a great post-gym breakfast right there.

Yeah, again rinni, how you doin?

I’d rather smell like maple syrup than actually be covered in it.

Depends on who’s going to get it off me, and how…

My wife went the same thing when she was taking fenugreek a few months back. I miss that scent…

Mmmm…maple-scented wife…

Can you drop by and wipe my waffle in your armpit?

Yeah, that’s a strange side-effect isn’t it? I ate fenugreek like candy when I was desperately trying to keep nursing my first. It was devastating when I finally realized that these boobies weren’t gonna feed the kid. I pumped for nine months and cried like a baby when I turned in my pump. Somehow felt like I was failing as a mother.

I hope it works for you. I don’t think it did for me. I tried everything, even a script from my doctor for something (can’t remember, sorry). The script helped in the beginning, I think it at least doubled my output.

Nursing a baby is the sweetest thing in the world. I don’t understand women who won’t even try.

Were you shooting for all these jokes here or looking for a discussion?

Don’t forget to eat your oatmeal, too – that also helps with milk supply. Look at you, the all-breakfast mama!

Funny…I’m a good reader…but when I read that, I saw

“How you gonna get this sticky sweet syrup off me, you stud puppet, you?”

Maybe it’s just my imagination…running away with me.

Thanks RSSchen for asking, but no, I’m fine with the jokes. To me it IS pretty funny … :slight_smile:

I love nursing but I also love it that my daughter will take a bottle, so I’m mainly taking the fenugreek so I have some extra milk that I express every day.

(The prescription was probably for domperidone, which is a synthetic type of galactagogue.)

Does it make the milk taste any different?

And am I the only one who thought the thread title ominous at first? Or do I watch too much six feet under?