My tevas are dead. Recommend rugged sport sandals?

Well hmm.

I went shopping for Tevas yesterday, and in the store there was a big display of Crocs. I remembered this thread. I thought they looked a bit weird, but I heard Doper voices in my head saying “they’re great and comfy shoes”, and “madly trendy” so I bought a black pair.

They’re amazingly light, and exceptionally comfortable. I wore them out boating on the river yesterday afternoon.

My wife said: “Holy shit, what the fuck are they?”

One friend said: “Your feet look like Mickey Mouse’s.”

Another friend said: “You bought rubber shoes? Why did you buy rubber shoes? Did you buy them just to go in the boat? What are you, some kind of fucking Boy Scout?”

Another friend said: nothing at all, she was laughing too hard.

So thanks to this thread, I am now the laughing stock of my friends. They’ll be good for backpacking round Asia, due to being so amazingly light, but I don’t think I’ll wear them again in the presence of anyone I know.

Tell everyone they’re crazily trendy in Toronto. That’ll impress 'em. :smiley:

The black ones don’t even look that funny! Mine are red, and they do look like clown shoes, but they’re comfy!

This is eerie. I just replaced my (size 15) Tevas after 12 years. And I’m wearing the replacements right now.

After a dozen years of faithful service, I wouldn’t consider replacing Tevas with any other brand. With Long Island’s rocky north shore beaches, I beat the snot out of my old pair and they took the abuse with no problems. I replaced them only because the soles have worn so thin that they look ridiculous.

Good GOD!! How many Dopers have BIG feet?

I replaced my Tevas with Chacos, last year. The strap design on the Chacos is very elegant and they’re super comfortable. The only problem I’ve had is that they’re a little narrow for my fat feet, which caused some strap rubbing. A bit of a shame actually, since it means I can’t wear them for multiple days in a row, and that was the whole point of replacing the Tevas (which also rubbed).

Whoa, those tire soled sandals are the coolest thing I’ve seen all week! I simply MUST make myself a pair. I wonder, since I wear orthotics and are limited in my choice of sandals, if it will be possible to make a pair of tire sandals with higher “walls” or a more prominet heelcup, to accomodate my orthotics?

Let them laugh! They’ll be jealous when their feet hurt!
How’s that NOT a reason to wear them more? It annoys the wife!

My Crocs are bright pink.

My boyfriend wouldn’t talk to me for a week after buying them.

Screw it. They are so comfy I wear them almost every day.

Heh. I’m getting a pair in orange for my birthday. (click on the orange color sample, and you’ll see.) My husband and I saw them somewhere, and he just thought they were the cutest sexiest things he’s ever seen. So he wanted me to have them. I love my husband!

And Crocs are indeed wonderful. At the moment, I’m currently wearing a pair of bright yellow knockoffs that I got several years ago for 3 bucks before I even knew what Crocs were. I agree with even sven–they’re more comfortable than barefoot in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, I’m between sizes for real Crocs. But my husband just got his second pair in black, and he wears them to school every day. His seveth graders laughed at him at first, and them immediately started wearing them themselves.

I just spent Memorial Day weekend in Ohiopyle, PA, a whitewater and outdoor sports mecca, and I never saw so many Crocs on so many feet in my entire life. It seemed like everyone who lived and worked there, from the river guides to the lady that cleans the motel rooms was wearing them. Even the grungy old fly fishing men were wearing them–in olive green, of course! A shoe doesn’t catch on so quick among people without much disposable income if it isn’t truly a great shoe.

Do Crocs fit wide feet? I bought Chacos on Jeff’s recommendation just for that (they’re much comfier on my wide feet than my Tevas were; I have 2 pairs), but those Crocs look really cool.

OK, I’m here to withdraw ALL criticism of Crocs.

Today - only the third wearing - I walked four miles in them. So comfortable it was like walking barefoot. It was a hot day, but my feet didn’t sweat, and I have no blisters.

I’ve got used to the way they look on my feet, and don’t care about the crowds children who follow me down the street pointing and laughing (not really - nobody’s ever commented except for my cruel friends). I totally love them. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m now a convert evangelist, and mrs jjimm is seriously contemplating buying a girly-color pair.

Ahem. Say you’re sorry, jjimm.

Then we can take over the world, wearing Crocs! And all the nonbelievers will adore them!

Hey Cee! I didn’t check this thread for a few days. Sorry I missed you. And I’m glad you like your Chacos.

Crocs are definitely worth a try. They’re fine for me as far as width.

p.s. I’ll probably be at the Mindowaskin playground tomorrow with the Sprout. Send me an email or call me if you want to meet up.

I am truly sorry for criticising their weird look. ::munch munch munch:: That’s me eating my words; when come back bring a side of humble pie.

Excellent. Good for you.

I think I’ll get a black pair, as well as my red.

There ya go. That’ll learn you.

Now go create converts.