My Tivo thinks I'm heavy into hallucinogens

In the last few days, it has recommended “Xanadu” (with Olivia Newton-John and dancers hilighted in blue neon), “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”(Jane Seymour and some sort of freaky skeleton? creatures), and last but not least “Monster!”(monster from a movie becomes real) All three are in desperate need of MST3K’ing. Is this some sort of sign? Do I have bad a heretofore undetected bad taste in movies?

Monster! is actually entertaining, don’t knock it :smiley:

I think it’s more likely that your Tivo is the one with a tasted in drugs. It suffers from a deep sense of inadequacy since it can’t keep its programs for more than several hundred hours. Once they get the thing to digitally record onto other media (cdrs or dvds) it should gain self-esteem and put away the drugs.

Or maybe you do have apalling taste. It’s a hard call.

I have no idea what a Tivo is but I’m definately getting one!

“Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” is a name I couldn’t even have dreamed of and when you toss Jane Seymour in there you can’t go wrong.

BTW Was that Hal Hartley’s Monster?

All movies starring Sinbad are cool.

'nuff said.

I don’t think so. The title of the movie Percypercy gave has the “!” so it’s more than likely this one, given it’s on the sci-fi channel again this weekend

Tip: Seriously, use the “thumbs down” feature like a madman. You’ll get better results over time. It’s a little creepy how good the Tivo gets at predicting your tastes…

I went to see “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” in the theather, when I was about seven. I remember thinking it was very cool at the time.

See that’s the thing, it’s usually scary good at recording things I’m going to like. And yeah… Sinbad did have that whole “Clash of the Titans” vibe going for it so I might make it all of the way through that one, but the other two just kinda weird me out. Enough to make me use phrases like “weird me out” and “scary good” even.