My tuna is looking at me.

I had some canned tuna today, and when I looked inside, there was an eye looking at me! Yuck! (I’m not going to tell you what brand, although I should)

Have any of you ever had this experience? Have you bought a food item, and found something that definitely should not have been there? I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Tell me your horror story, so I feel better.


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One lovely morning I sat down to eat some tasty Corn Pops. I opened the box and unrolled the cellophane. In doing so, the inner lining flipped out onto the table what I thought was a Corn Pop crumb. (How was I to know without my glasses on?) Anyway, upon closer inspection I discovered that the Corn Pop crumb was wiggling, and that it was no Corn Pop crumb! It was a mealworm!!

I lost my appetite for most of the day…


That was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to retch.

That’s one reason I won’t eat tongue. I don’t want to taste anything that might be tasting me back.

Yours truly,

Well, there was the time I found the severed finger in that box of… Oh wait, that wasn’t me.

Truly, everytime I see that olive loaf shit, it looks like there are a bunch of eyes looking out at me. I’ve heard it tastes good, but I just can’t bring myself to eat it.

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Was it Charlie’s or Flipper’s eye ?

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One word: Haggis.
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Actually, it couldn’t have been a tuna eye, cause they are huge, right? This eye wasn’t that big. Either way, it was gross.

Not a newbie…formerly ARG220

Well, I can’t top Zion’s, but I can definitely top saucy potato’s. My father is an excellent cook, but deficient in the housekeeping department. One day when I was visiting him, he prepared an excellent meal of pasta with a really good sauce he made from scratch. At the end of the meal, I sat back, looked at my plate, and saw a single mealworm that had gone through the entire cooking process. One single mealworm, on my plate, after I had finished my meal. I was very polite, and went into another room before I gave in to my impulse to wave my arms wildly and go “Euuuuuuuugh!!!”

But that was a mealworm, one of the few things I am squeamish about. The time that I found a caterpillar in my green chile stew, I set it aside and went on eating. Those things get inside chile peppers sometimes (it was the same kind you occasionally find in bell peppers), and they’re pretty easy to miss when you’re roasting and chopping. Besides, it means the chile’s fresh.

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Well, we’ve found a few bugs in some ramen noodles, and they grossed me out. But after reading that eye thing…bleeeeeeaaaagh! Bleagh! Bleagh!

Please, Zion, tell me what brand of tuna it was! We are a tuna-eating family here. I’ve got small children! Please! Think of the children!

Cristi, Slayer of Peeps

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Hmm. If you’re eating alone you could entertain yourself by having a staring contest with it. Wouldn’t worry too much about the eye. They’re high in protien and all that, although when I’m cleaning calamari, I cut the eyes out. Sometimes I miss a beak, and I find them when I’m eating it and something goes crunch. But, hey, ever hear of Chitosan?

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Back when I was a supreme court justice, I found a pubic hair in my coke. I was abhorred, and told a co-worker about it… then all hell broke loose.

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Scene: A typical Army day in the field.

Situation: Field chow brought in by the contract caterers.

Item: Chocolate brownies with Rice Krispies.

Well, I had eaten one, as had several others, before we realized that the “Rice Krispies” were actually maggots that had been cooked into the mix. At least they were crunchy and not all gooey!

To be honest, I was so hungry and miserable from the cold rain, that I didn’t much mind the maggot-brownies.

::swallows convulsively::

I cannot imagine popping open a tuna can and have an eye staring back. I nearly tossed lunch during an episode of a cooking show (“Two fat ladies”? Something English) at a seaside fish dinner. The steamed mussels etc. were fine but then a little girl pointedly ATE THE EYES out of all the cooked fish. Do not, I beg of you,

Personal worst: I broke apart a Reese’s peanut butter cup, glass of cold milk at hand, ceremoniously drawing out the anticipation. The ribbed pattie parted slowly and revealed the full length of a mealworm entombed in the peanut butter. It was reminiscient of a prehistoric critter bone eerily exposed in a ravine wall.

It was interesting in a way, but it sure killed my appetite for Reese’s cups for a while.


You do realize Cristi, that the FDA does allow there to be a certain number of animal parts per million in your food. (Or is that the USDA?) I’m sure we’d be grossed out if we really knew how many bugs we ate in our peanut butter, or worms in our spaghetti sauce.

Anyway, it was Starkist, a brand that I’ve always liked, and will continue to buy.

Not a newbie…formerly ARG220

Where are all these meal worms coming from?!
I’ve read three posts talking about them, and I have yet to see one… my loss I guess.


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Squee, I think mealworms are often found in or near open flour. They just tend to show up… and they’re icky. ICKY! ICKY! ICKY!

That was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to retch.

Like Lex, or possibly, Clarence, I found a pubic hair in a coke that I bought at Wendy’s, and NO, I didn’t drink it.

While working at my first job, I was only fifteen. I had to open the barbeque that we purchased from a meat packing place, and there was a pig eye ball in it. I’m STILL not sure whether it was a joke from the meat packer or from my older co-workers. Nobody would 'fess up.

I always buy Starkist, but I confess that I probably won’t ever open it without squinting first!

Oooh, no it isn’t. Really. Your loss, I mean. I guess that meal worms come from horny adult meal worms…who dine on meal or something. Never mind.

They are worms…nasty, pasty whitish-yellow little critters that look like either maggots or Jabba The Hutt depending on your point of view.



I once opened a box of muffin mix and a moth flew out.

Thread hijack: My grandma once had a bottle of ketchup in her fridge that had turned brown. She also, until recently, had Victory tomatoes in her basement that looked like insulation.

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Forget about mealworms, I want to know how pubes get into Coke!

Or then again, maybe I don’t wanna know.

Pardon me while I burst into flames.