Oh, That's Disgusting!

I was doing my chemistry homework, and was getting a little hungry. So I pulled a box of Wheat Thins off of the shelf and started to eat a few. I looked down a couple minutes later to find… ANTS CRAWLING OUT OF THE BOX!

Oh, That’s Disgusting!

So what disgusting things happened to you recently?

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Free protein and they are low in fat.

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I love the crispy tasty exoskeletons.

Don’t you hate it when you’re eating a bowl of cereal and you don’t notice until you get down to the bottom that there are weevils in it? That happened to me all the time when I was a kid.

Word to the wise: don’t eat anything from my mom’s pantry.

Bugs come in two varieties: squishy and crunchy. Most of us would prefer crunchy. I’ve eaten shrimp that were stewed with the shells on. Couldn’t be any worse.

My oldest cat eats tinsel, so we avoid using it. But we still have remnants in our ornaments, and he found some.

The other night, a strand he ate came halfway out of him, with a BM stuck to the outside send. It freaked him out, so he started running around the house trailing this turd. It finally came out and landed right in front of me. I then had to figure out all the places he bopped it around before it came loose.

Gross, yet funny looking back on it.

You want disgusting? I went to my home town for the holidays. This is a small farm town. I was talking to an old friend of mine who just started working for the local meat locker. His job is killing the animals so they can be butchered. That’s right, he gives them a shot in the head with a .22 bullet.

Disgusting part deux
Obviously FFA (Future Farmers of America, you midwesterners know what I’m talking about) is a big part of the local school system. They periodically have to take a tour of the local meat locker to see how animals are butchered. Let me tell ya buddy, have you ever seen the beginning of the show Quincy? You know, where he’s examining that dead body and med students are dropping like flys? Well, that’s what happens when Corky (the owner/butcher) cuts open a fresh side of beef and drinks/licks the blood of his hands. Funny stuff.

When I was a kid playing handball in the driveway of my Queens house, the ball went behind a bush against the neighbors house.

As I went back there to get it, I saw a kitty there. I thought (and probably said), “Hi kitty,” and reached out to pet it.

It was dead, and in the place of eyeballs were ants eating away.

I freaked and ran to the parents. Dad eventually took the unenviable task of the body disposal, but I can honestly say that I still remember how horrifying that was to me.

Yer pal,

Humph. I appear to have experienced everyone else’s disgusting stories.

One of my favorite snacks is stale popcorn. You know - you make a batch of popcorn, it doesn’t all get eaten, you put it on the kitchen counter and eat the rest the next morning for breakfast. I did that once a few years ago, and it was only after the second or third handful that I noticed the ants crawling on my hands.

Ditto on the dead cat thing, too. I found my grandmother’s neighbor’s cat dead in the woods by her house. Maggots, the whole deal. Disgusting.

And now one of my own. My ex and I had an Easter Egg hunt one Easter. We thought we had found all the eggs, but apparantly not. Several months later we were vacationing, and had brought along a backpack. I reached into it, and felt something slimy. I looked, there was a dead egg covered in maggots. I nearly puked. Lucky me, my ex cleaned it out. Yick.

This morning I pointed out to my girlfiend “OK, we have 3 cartons of milk in the fridge, one open and two never opened. Isn’t it time to make a decision?” She’s in charge of milk because I don’t drink/use it unless absolutely necessary. (I eat my morning cereal with plain yogurt.)

So we did further investigation. This is where I reaffirm one of my principles in life. When someone says “ewww, smell this”, do not give in. Stand firm.

Quand les talons claquent, l’esprit se vide.
Maréchal Lyautey

P.S. Enright’s story reminded me of this factoid:

The butcher owner of the local butcher shop in the small town where I grew up had two fingers missing. I never asked where they went.

When I was a kid, growing up on a small farm in the midwest, my mom had a huge pantry where boxes & cans of food would just disappear behind other boxes & cans for months or even years. One day I once opened a very old box of rice crispies, poured them into a bowl & found the crispies were actually crawlies.
I had a bowl full of maggots.
It must have been opened for months in the back of the pantry…
I still cannot eat that cereal.

I moved into an apartment back in college, and the night I moved in, I discovered a little bit of effort, you could get yourself out of the window and up on the roof…

So I decided to give it a whirl, and I had my body out the window, about to prop myself up on the roof. As I placed my hands on the edge to pull myself up, I felt something slimy and nasty. I moved to the side about a foot and propped myself up…and as soon as my head could clear the corner, I am looking smack dab a used condom, with some sort of little nasty maggoty critters infesting it.


I guess the previous tenants also figured that you could get onto the roof, and took advantage of it.


We had a patient in the ICU once who had been thrown out of her car, lay in a ditch for several hours, and had a major head injury. A few days later we were giving her a bath when my friend Jeni noticed some snotties in her (the patient’s) nose and, like a good nurse, commenced to clean them out. Suddenly maggots spewed out of the patient’s nose and all over the bed.

After Jeni regained consciousness, she called the doctor. Jeni was worried that because of the nature of the skull fractures, it was entirely possible that there were maggots in the patient’s brain. The doc replied, “Oh, well. Maybe they’ll clean out some of her dead brain tissue”.

One of my cat’s died when I was a kid and my dad buried it in the backyard. One day I saw a little dog in the yard and I went up to it only to find that it had dug up my dead cat and was eating it!! I have never been more disgusted in my life!

Eau du Nightcrawler.
Once upon a time, not nearly long enough ago, I went on an otherwise wonderful extended canoeing trip. We were relatively competent urban androids, paddling X miles per day and camping “rough”, i.e. NorthFace tents, Svea stoves, etc.

So one stalwart wannabe survivalist buys a plastic carton of nightcrawlers from the bait and launch shop before we shove off. And he forgets it for a few days, gently simmering in the sun until we reach a pretty isolated area. It’s beautiful, setting sun sparkling off lake water, we’re good tired and ready for a campfire, rest and food.

Testosterone flexes. He’s gonna fish and catch us some big muthas, some wildass fish that will shame those wimpy cityslicker losers who aren’t here sharing the moment.

He digs out the fishing gear. Remembers the bait. Pops open the bait carton…and an unbelievable stench rolls out. It’s the sterotypical sci fi evil green fog that billows out, engulfing everything in its path.

The noxious cloud caught the wannabe fisherman first, who promptly lost his lunch. As the cloud expanded, harmless onlookers were hit with both the stomach wrenching fumes and the suggestive example of someone else heaving all X feet of his disgestive tract. Not that much suggestion was needed.

I will draw a merciful curtain over this scene. It is enough to say that we supped lightly (if at all) on cold water and abandoned camp very early the next morning.


As an ex-Florida resident , take my advice: wherever you live always keep your cereals in glass jars! This will completely prevent problems of the type listed here.

Large glass jars can be obtained from warehouse outlets for home decorating supplies–a good example is Old Time Pottery.

All together now: Big green gops of greasy, grimey gopher guts…you’re not singing along, kiddies. Why? :slight_smile:

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This has been a message from the Illuminated Committee To Save The Jackalope. Fnord.

Ah, yes, the forgotten container full of some icky substance. Been there, done that.

Worms suck.

Raw chicken liver damn near flattened my dad. Along with most of southwestern Colorado.
– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

AWB says –

"… he started running around the house trailing this turd.

Gross, yet funny looking back on it."

Yet another example of side-splitting, unintended double entendres on the SDMB.

Some time back when my finances were real tight, like almost nothing and my roommate was almost broke, I dug through the remains that we had in the refrigerator and freezer and found that I had enough ingredients to make chili-Mac. (To you novices, that is chili and macaroni. Camping stores sell this stuff dehydrated with a shelf life of about 50 years. It is barely palatable when made fresh.) So, I whipped up the chili, which was a little meat, lots of bouillon cubes, wilting onions, cans of cheap tomato sauce, lots of garlic and kidney beans. I dumped in a packet of chili mix I found in the back of the cabinet and cooked it all down. It smelled good and I watered it up, dumped in a couple of handfuls of old macaroni and it cooked up pretty well.

I was sampling it from the pot when I realized that those flecks of seasoning which had been well cooked in it had legs! Those were those damn small German Roaches which had gotten into the powdered chili mix and macaroni! I picked out all that I could identify and, as we had nothing else to eat and would not for several days, decided that the heat had sterilized everything and did not tell my room mate what I had found. We both ate it. For three days we ate that big pot full of stuff and was I ever glad when our checks came in!

These days I keep my home roach free and if I even suspect there are German Roaches, everything they might get into goes into glass jars. I have not made chili-Mac since and I’ve never told my ex-roommate what she ate all those years ago.