my undoing

This is why I am going to end up in jail or a mental hospital… Some day I will be present when one of those dumb pricks hits my truck in a parking lot and attempts to drive away. I’m going to grab a tire iron and beat the piss out of their car, consequences be damned.

I’m really tired of this. I have had my truck for 7 days. I park carefully, away from everyone else. It’s a small Nissan pickup, in no one’s way. It gets whacked at Safeway. It gets whacked at work. Someone’s gonna pay for this.

So sorry… so sorry…

It’s little. I didn’t see it. I was gonna apologize but I saw this guy with tire iron and a glint in his eye…

Same thing happened to me. I had my bright white truck for only four days, parked away from everyone else, and went in to get a pizza. Came out and found my broken bumper.

Deductible = $250


Park in between two nice cars.

That is what I do. I think that they would be less likely to open their doors on you.

Never park next to trashy looking cars or Minivans/Suvs because there usually kids who don’t pay attention swinging their doors into your side. I hate getting all of those door dings.

One time I was sitting in my car at a store and a bitch had the balls to swing her door right into the side of my car while I was sitting there. I was pissed and told her that she was lucky that she didn’t do any damage. Repaints are expensive.

A lot of cars nowadays have those strips of whatever along the sides, at the level where the door of another car would connect. My car has them. Of course, my car isn’t much worth preserving.

What really sucks is a few days after getting our new '01 Civic EX someone chipped off about a 1/2 inch of the passenger side door handle. They had to have whacked the car HARD to have done that, I’d think - luckily that’s all that was damaged, otherwise we would probably be replacing the door panel.

Why is it most people posting in this thread have trucks?

Anyway, several times people have dicked with my pickup in more-or-less harmless but really irritating ways.

For example, back at my college apartment, I had to park on street. About three times on a Saturday morning (this implicates Friday night drunks, in my mind) I found that my radio antenna had been carefully unscrewed and left on the grass beside the vehicle. WTF? I screwed it back on each time. The fourth time, it was missing, so I bought a new antenna and epoxied the fucker on.

The other day I parked on campus, and somebody had turned my passenger side mirror until it was pointed directly into the car. It was totally pushed inward. This couldn’t have been done accidently, since the mount, though low-tech, is pretty stiff (as I discovered while rectifying the problem.) This was another Friday night, too, come to think about it.

No lasting damage in either case (though the new antenna set me back ten bucks), but still, don’t mommies tell their kids not to mess with other people’s stuff anymore?