My unique way of cutting pizza

To avoid hijacking this thread . . .

I’ve mentioned in other threads that I always “save the best for last,” which often results in unusual ways of eating food.

My partner has two dogs, both of whom love pizza crust. So . . . I remove the crust (and a little of the interior) with 6 cuts, leaving a hexagonal interior. Put the crust aside for the dogs. Then cut the interior into 6 crust-free slices. This usually works, unless the toppings are rather goopy, and the crust is needed for support.

It’s possible to accomplish the same thing without inconveniencing your pizza-eating experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Cut the pizza normally.
  • Eat a slice of pizza.
  • Stop eating it before you eat the crust.

Seriously though, why do you need to make an extra step to provide the dogs with something you’ll end up with anyway?

My Dogs love pizza crust too— Unfortunately they also love cat poop, plastic wrappers, pizza, chocolate, bacon, and some other things.

And you get the benefit of a nice place to hold on to while you eat. And the dogs won’t care about the bite marks. In fact, seeing you’ve previously eaten it will probably make them want it more, if my dogs are any indication. I think they assume the pack leaders get the best food.

I understand what you’re saying . . . but it violates the “best for last” rule.

Wait, so the crust is best? But you give it to the dogs?

I don’t know many people who like their dogs that much.

Please tell me it isn’t stuffed crust…

You cut your pizza?

I love my crust. Ain’t no dog getting that!

My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t care much for crust. He used to give it to the family dog. Then, when we got together, I asked for his crust (when we’re not at his parent’s house, didn’t want to take it from the dog). He then patted his thigh (like he does to get the dog’s attention) and then I placed my hand on his thigh before he gave me the crust.

We laughed so hard about that.

He now just gives them to me, unless he’s in a playful mood. I’d better enjoy my crusts while I can. I’m sure once we get a dog, I won’t be getting any more crusts.

Cut your pizza anyway you want but your justification is over my head.

Doggie-style, you might say.

Next time I get a pizza, I’m going to cut it in a spiral.

eh, what? Ah…Pizza… eh what? Hexagonal? Pizza?

Thanks for the manual… next time, same spot…how to use toilet paper - properly

Does it involve three seashells?

Cut the pizza normally, cut the crust off one piece, give crust to dogs, eat crustless piece last.

OP is not thinking creatively.

You take the pizza cutter and carefully cut a circle just inside the toppingless part of the crust. This gives you a ring of crust, which is both a toy (FRISBEEEEEEE) and a snack for the dog. You get to spin it across the yard (or the living room if you’re so inclined), watch the dog catch it, and watch his eyes light up when he realizes that this new plaything is edible.

It’d be even more fun to cut the rest of the pizza into concentric rings, but I can see where that might be more trouble than it’s worth. You don’t want to be slinging a sauce-covered mini-Frisbee around the house anyway.

OP needs this.

How does it break the ‘saving the best to last’ rule to eat it down to the crust before giving it to the dog? I’m not getting it, please explain.

Use crust for it’s intended support, save crust till last, give to dog?

Thanks for reminding me that I have a bar compass with an x-acto blade attachment.

This is the goofiest practice involving pizza I have ever read about, I think. As pointed out already, using the crust as a handhold, eating all but the crust, then giving the crust to the dogs makes way more sense. And what exactly does “saving the best for last” have to do with anything?