My University called me today

I’m going to be getting a single accommodation. No room mates for me. For a little more money, I will be getting more privacy, and a little more space. Even better is that my stuff will be safe from a roommate. No theft/property destruction for me. I’m thrilled, for another year I will not have to put up with living with a person in close quarters.

Won’t you be lonely?

After a year of living with a roommate, I decided to go the single route too. Loved it.


Having a roommate was tough at times last year (for instance, when she would take phone calls in the room at 3:30 am while I was sleeping), but overall my roommate became my best friend (I was already friends with her before we moved in). I’m excited to move in and start the process all over with a different person.

I second that…by the end of my freshman year of college, I’d had just about enough of my roommate’s “good little Christian girl” act (long story short, she pissed me off by trying to get with every single one of my male friends and trying to steal the guys I was interested in). I was also sick of her borrowing my clothes (she was much taller and a bit heavier than me, so why she borrowed my stuff is beyond me) without asking, taking my school and art supplies and music without asking, you get the picture.

The next year, I had a double room all to myself. It was sheer heaven.

I had a private room during my dorm days after going through 4 roomies.

Roomie #1 was a racist bitch.
I drove Roomie #2 crazy (hey, I can admit it).
Roomie #3 was a lying whore (I loved walking in on blow jobs, lemmetellya).
Roomie #4 was cool, but we both wanted private rooms.

Now. Since you have your private room secured, you need to go get yourself 6 concrete blocks so you can push the beds together, prop 'em up and have all sorts of storage space under your suddenly queen sized bed. :smiley:

Lonely? Heck no. I had a great suite mate and lots of friends on my floor.

And when I wanted to be alone, I could be. Best of both worlds.

Just out of curiousity, I wonder how many of us who had private rooms in college are only children?

I’m one and I tend to think that a lot of only children need more space/privacy than the average bear …

A private room is nice to have, but I also feel like it gets kinda lonely at times.

My first year I had a great roommate. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lived on my own then. I was in a new country and didn’t know anyone. However, we didn’t get along quite so well second semester. He was a senior and had to study hard, and I was a freshman and had to party a lot. He also didn’t like my friends very much then either. It didn’t matter so much though, I just stayed upstairs with my girlfriend every night and only went to my room to get clean clothes and shower. We’re good friends again now though.

Second year I had my own room. I really liked it. But, it did get lonely at times and I perhaps became a bit strange spending so much time just sitting and doing nothing. That said, it’s definately an advantage to have your own room in terms of bringing girls back home…

This year, I have more of a suite arrangement. 3 separate rooms and a shared bathroom. Best of both worlds… except that I didn’t really get very cool roommates. Can’t have everything I guess…

Next year I’ll probably get a flat with 2 or 3 friends. Three years of dorm living is enough.

Anyway, congrats CloudClever. Hope that you like your new living arrangement…

Middle child of 3. Not that I’m going to be a good statistic for this theory… I’ve had both situations and liked both.

Only child here, had a single my first year. This year I’m moving in with a friend (Was suppossed to be moving in with two, one’s leaving), and I should be getting a room to myself. If I can talk the guy moving in that he doesn’t need it for when his girlfriend comes over. But that’s another thread.

I think you’re right, only children need more space, and I didn’t want a roommate because it would be hard on both of us. I’m not used to sharing a room, and i’m also messy, er, I mean, I organise my stuff free-style, I’m selfish, and I’m a tad bit nuts and anime obsessed. I could probably learn to deal, but the extra money is worth it.

I had a roommate my freshman and sophomore year, then single rooms my junior and senior year.

I liked it - my roommates were good, but I also like the privacy I had in a single room. I wouldn’t have wanted one my first year though - having a roommate made a difference in getting involved socially.
I’ve got three siblings.

I had a roommate my freshman year; she was nice enough but we weren’t all that compatible. She was a major slob - I mean, I’m a slob but not the “let dirty dishes sit around and grow mold” level. I got a single my sophomore year, and wasn’t lonely - I happened to meet an interesting guy on the same dorm floor that year. :wink: (We’re married now.)

Real adulthood begins here. Congrats!

I had a single room all four years.
I decided to live in an all-girls residence run by nuns (yep - you heard right) so I could be guaranteed my own room in first year.
Theoretically, boys were allowed on the floor every second Sunday from 3pm until 7pm. (And you had to yell “man on the floor” when they were coming up.) I say theoretically because the sisters managed to find reasons to cancel nearly every time. No big deal - anyone who was inclined to spend time with boys just went to other residences. (the trip back the next morning, still wearing the clothes from the night before was referred to as “the walk of shame” for both sexes)

After first year I was an RA the rest of the time, so had to have a single room.

I’m the eldest of three girls.