My usual deployment offer: Send me your flags!

Thanks. Keep safe, and don’t eat the yellow sand.

If my school won’t offer one, I’ll send you the one in my classroom. It would be an honor.

Watch your ass, and if you want more IMPs, I just scored two cases of new issue!!!


I’ll happily take yours over!

[Military-related Hijack]And I got your IMPs today. I think I may try one for dinner tomorrow. They’re a heckuva lot smaller than I thought they’d be! [/M-RH]

O! Tomorrow I shall dine like the finest of Saskatoon!

Tripler, I see. For some reason when you said “reenlist” I didn’t think you literally meant to reenlist. Thought it was military-speak for being re-inserted into a combat zone or somthing. All makes sense now.

Thanks, Tripler. A great offer, and much appreciated. I’ll be in touch.

I assumed you flew fighters because of your reply to Cunctator, “There’s a practical limit on what you can stuff inside a fighter jet.”

Side note: F-16s of the Vermont ANG were shown in a *Newsweek * photo just a few days after 9-11-01, patrolling over NYC.

Tripler, when are being deployed? I’d love to get in on this. Thanks for making the offer. I missed the others, but I think it’s a neat idea.

Actually, this is something I thought of today. Since I depart 8 Oct 05 for “Army Training” for three weeks (don’t ask), I’ll be out of my apartment by 30 September. I’ll put a practical limit on sending me anything that won’t arrive by the 26th.

But, I do have numerous sources and spies that will keep me in contact with y’all while I’m over there, so once I get settled in, y’all can continue to e-mail me and I’ll send you my new mailing address.

You’ve got plenty of time on this one too. I’ll be over there nine freakin’ months. [sub]I’ll finally be able to pay off my credit cards! Woo![/sub]

Oh believe me, with as much money as I’ll have saved up, on my return the beer will flow like the mighty Mississip’. :smiley:

I’ll try to get it set up before you leave. Any idea if you’re back in Magic City when you return? The beer will most definately flow. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive from here.

Stay alert and keep your head down! Oh, and a special request. Have someone write duffer on one of those equalizers? Holding the flag? Even if it’s never dropped (sorry lefties, I’m actually hoping it never is) I’d love a pic. Yes, now I’m getting greedy. But it would be a great picture to frame. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. This reminds me of another thing: If you want a particular name on the certificates, tell me!. If you send me a box addressed from “John Doe” with no note, I’ll put ‘John Doe’ on the certificates. But if you send me a note saying you want 'em “John ‘Schmoe’ Doe”, then they’ll be “John ‘Schmoe’ Doe”.

And duffer, I’ve been out of Minot for over 2 years now. Great Falls, MT is the “Electric City”. :smiley:

If you guys are into this sort of thing, I highly recommend you get a flag over to Tripler. I have one from my brother’s Afghanistan tour. It’s a 3x5, a little dusty but otherwise normal! It came back with a nice certificate signed by Chuck’s commanding Major and XO. It reads- “On September 16, 2003, this American flag was flown over Firebase Ghecko, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. What is now Firebase Ghecko was the former headquarters of Supreme Taliban Commander Mullah Mohammed Omar. The very presence of the American flag over the compound demonstrates America’s resolve in fighting terrorism worldwide. With great pride and honor, this flag is presented to (my name here) from her brother (his name here) and his fellow comrades of ODB 2070 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group.”

Very nice. I have both the flag and the certificate framed on my mantle.

The bro in question is probably heading back to Iraq this fall- he was there last years as well.

The joys of working for that particular company…
You’re doing a very cool thing, Tripler.

Always the last to know. Figures. Electric City? They stole enough North Dakotans to build electric power plants?!? This out-migration is getting ridiculous! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, my sisters husband’s* parents live in GF. I’ve been there a few times, maybe a mini-DoperFest if I get there before you’re stationed elsewhere. I fell in love with GF hauling the Peterbuilt down I-15 north of the cithy where the river runs along the highway. There is a house nestled between the river and mountain range that I plan on taking over. By any means neccessary. :smiley: It is absolutely stunning.

*Didn’t want to just say BIL as it may lead some to think I was talking about the toe-nail guy. (Obscure, but if anyone is paying attention, you’ll know)

[Partially a bump, but mostly because I didn’t see this response]

Shoot, I plan on being back in Great Falls around the beginning of August of '06. Drop me a line, and we might just plan on something. :smiley:

Although I’d recommend something in the mountains besides going to Great Falls.

[Final bump, I promise, because of a deadline]

Yo, look, I won’t be here much longer. I’ll be here until next Thursday. If you haven’t gotten your flags to me yet, just hold onto 'em. I’ll pop up somehow and give you a new address.

It won’t be until November, but you’ll still be able to send them to me until June of 2006.

If you would, drop me a note if I should expect it or not.

Much obliged.

Mine are on the way. Thanks again.

silenius, I have both of yours, and Kaboodle, I’ve got yours too.

Kab, I’m going to specifically wait to find a Marine Corps pilot to fly yours. Just a point of protocol. :smiley:

Semper Fi