Help need from fellow service member Dopers

Despite my handle, I’m now a member of the Army National Guard. I’ve gotten pretty much last minute notification that I’m going to be deployed to a certain Asian country. It’s not my first deployment. But I haven’t been deployed since 2003 for the Invasion of Iraq. It’s been nearly a decade.

Since a lot has changed since then, is there anything that I should take into consideration in brining with me? I am a combat arms soldier, but most likely will be nothing more than a Fobbit. Is there anything in the TA-50 that I should consider supplementing or replacing, or is there anything that would just make my life easier if I took it with me. Within regulations of course.

What is your unit’s policy on non-issue gear? What is their policy on issued gear (as far as having it all)? This makes all the difference. I’ve seen units that do not allow Soldiers to wear or use anything that isn’t issued. And I have seen units that let their guys take and use whatever they want but still mandate they at least bring all of their issued items as well.
How flexible is your unit with personal kit?

Man now you have me missing it. I left in November… couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of there. Now all I want to do is go back. It’s always like that.

As of right now? We’re Guard so it’s typically very relaxed- as long as you have all your issued shit they really don’t mind. The wild card is I’m deploying with the BDE HQ, so at any second the SgtMaj may descend on me to eat my soul.

The damn packing list they’ve given us is ridiculous though. 3 seabags, a ruck sack, and a “carry on”. Nothing is specified for the third seabag, so it looks like it’s mostly for personal effects.

I could be wildly wrong though. The communication process during this whole thing is piss poor. I’m mobbing in early May, and they still haven’t confirmed that I’ve been selected for my billet. It’s been called “98% certain” and I’ve only been instructed to be prepared.

I’m in the New Jersey Guard also. Not going anywhere as far as I know. I last deployed with the Guard to Iraq in 2008. In my experience bring what you are told and comfort items but nothing more. When you get to Mob station you will be given even more gear. You’ll have more than you’ll know what to do with. It will be a pain in the ass to haul it all around. A lot of people mailed gear home and we sent pallets back from FT Bliss with crap we didn’t need. When you are at Mob you’ll have plenty of time to buy what you need if you need more.

I’m down in VA these days. The username is a relic that longs for a return to my home land :wink:

Dunno if I’ll have time at Mob. Apparently we’re only spending 30 days at lovely Shelby. I suppose if there’s anything I miss I can have it sent.

As an aside- this is the first time I’m being mobilized while I have, you know, a career. I’m having difficulty going forward with work since I’m still in the “almost certain, but not 100%” category. As it stands I’m going to go on terminal leave, so to speak, next week from work. I’m not really worried about it if everything pans out the way it should, but if that 2% comes back and bits me in the ass how should I cover that with my employer? That little bit of uncertainty has me extremely nervous, and my chain has been slow to push information out to me. I told my boss about the possibility the Monday after I found out back in early March, but is there anything else I’m missing.