My wacky comment at Sears

While waiting for a co-worker to finish her business at Sears (tool dept. cash register), I was hanging around nearby. A Sears lady asked if I needed any help. I told her off of the top of my head, “Well, I was going to buy a chainsaw, but I see you don’t have any night-vision goggles.”


You just weren’t looking hard enough. The night vision goggles are in the tool department, aisle 12. They’re on the right hand side next to the laser scopes. How could you miss them? Geeze!

Seriously. How do they expect you to use a chainsaw if you don’t have night goggles?

What ultrafilter said. I still have nightmares about the last time I used my chainsaw without my night goggles. Ugh. Poor goat. :eek:

Must be the full moon approaching. The following was completely not premeditated:

I’m on the telephone booking a motel room. The clerk is giving me my confirmation number:

Clerk: That’s 712
Me: 712
Clerk: 848
Me: 848
Clerk: M, as in Mary
Me: M, as in Mary
Clerk: S, as in Steven
Me: S, as in Satan

Long pause.

Clerk: 221
Me: 221

I’m so curious to see what kind of room I get. I can already guess the number.

I’d say either 666, 217, or 237. :slight_smile:

Okay, call me dense, but I don’t get the 2nd or third answer.

Jeff, we don’t get it.
Unless we do, in which case: very funny!
Then again, maybe we don’t get it

I know 217 is the haunted room from The Shining. Dunno what 237 represents, which means I’ll probably get visited by that doggone Succubus again tonight.

Man, I hate when that happens.

Room 217 was the haunted death room from The Shining. You’re not staying at the Overlook, by any chance?


Dave- that was damned near a simul-post. Too bad you peaked too early!


PS- I think 237 was the room that the family was staying in at the Overlook