My Weenie Just Had a Seizure

Tasha, my little dachshund, had a Grand Mal seizure about an hour ago. It’s only the second time I’ve seen her have one and it’s been at least 3 years since her last one. She was on the couch with me and I looked over when she whimpered and she was all tensed up, her eyes bulged from fear, and shaking all over. I picked her up and held her close to me and just stroked her head and soothed her as best I could. She was so scared, she cried tears.

After she stopped seizing I put her in her kennel where she is comfortable and could get her wits about her while I collected mine. She’s chewing on a rawhide right now like nothing happened.

Obligitory pic - Tasha and Ginger

Boris is concerned

Good luck!!!

Oh, scary! I dated a girl whose cat had seizures. The good news is that they aren’t actually conscious of the seisures, so they don’t suffer through them. They just feel kind of crappy when they come to and go back tow whatever it was they were doing.

That’s a sweet looking weiner!

Er, am I the only one who thought that sounded a little more homoerotic than intended?

so is Sherman

Aw! Her “brother’s” name was Boris. For just a second there I wondered how you knew that. :wink:

I admit to being half in the bag…Sherman wants to send good wishes too, but his dad can’t figure out how to post 'em :smack:
Hope she is fine[damn}

Thanks for the good wishes from both Boris and Sherman. I’ve done some reading on the subject since it happened, and there isn’t much to be done except medication, but that’s only indicated if the seizures are regular (monthly or more).

My weenie has a seizure at least a couple times a week. I thought you were a girl! :slight_smile:

I can only point out–

Scary! My best thoughts going out to you and Tasha.

Clover is also concerned, and sends good vibes (with dog slobber) to Tasha.

That’s one cute little WD. Hope that rawhide helps her forget the bad experience!

I feel for you (and your little buddy)… My Aussie has had a number of seizures, usually heat-related though he did get one or two after a head-on collision with one of the other dogs in the household. Scary as hell, but being there for them (like you were) is good for you and good for them.

Like your little girl, 15 minutes after my guy’s seizure, he was ready to go like nothing had happened.

Good luck… 2 in 3 years is probably not much to worry about but if they increase in frequency then it would be worth a trip to the vet.

We had an epileptic weiner dog once. He was so sweet.

Jasmine sends virtual biscuits.