My wife is an enigma (wrapped in a conundrum)...

My wife is awesome!!! Saturday, Edith said that I didn’t have to get her a Valentines day card. Her exact words were something like, “I’ve been thinking; it’s so expensive for a stupid little card that you just end up tossing out in a few days.”

I’m thinking, “My GOD! What did I do to deserve this woman.”

We decide that this is a good idea. (I hadn’t gotten her a card yet.) We also decide that going out on Wednesday is a stupid idea, what with the crowds and all.

With a 19 week old (today), we decide that we sould go out on Thursday. All the restaurants will be empty and we can go early with the baby. (Sure we could let a sitter watch him for an hour or so, but he’s really great in restaurants. Plus, waitresses come by often to see him - no waiting for service.)

Again, I’m thinking, “My GOD! What did I do to deserve this woman. No dinner out on a busy Valentine’s day, no cards!”

Then it happens…

I go downstairs this morning (she’s still asleep) and there’s a Valentine’s Day card for me on the counter!

All bets are off!

I guess it’s OK. I didn’t get a card for her, but I got one from our son to her. That’s right he got her a card but he didn’t get me one. (now I feel unloved)

Well she could just be trying to relieve you of the guilt~fest that jewellers, florists, and Hallmark lay on men this time of year…

My SO & I decided not to do anything smooshy on Valentines, but last year I sent him flowers at work, and this year he wrote me a beautiful poem. Just don’t feel guilty about it!