My Wife Is Pregnant!!!


Good times!

OK here is my question…

We just joined a gym last week. Is it ok for her to exercise? Call me silly…but she hasnt even gone to the doctor yet. We just did a home pregnancy test.

I appreciate your advice…

Congratulations! First one, I assume.

Good luck!

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she played raquetball until she was five months pregnant. She only quit then because it was starting to take her a loooong time to change direction.

We have one adopted, but this is our first born.

I am just worried that she will be pounding away on the treadmill and something will, ya know, come loose up there.

I know it sounds silly.

Get thee to a doctor.

Then get some exercise. The better shape she’s in now, the better shape she’ll be in nine months from now. My wife was doing Middle Eastern dancing during her first pregnancy, and was dancing up until two weeks before our son was born.

Conrats, Daddy!
IANAD, but just about anything, in moderation, should be fine. Enjoy!


Pregnant, how can this be? Please explain.

Spare no details.

I’ll second both items there, and I apologize for not mentioning that my wife was definitely seeing a doctor who both knew all about and approved of those raquetball sessions.

…and if he ever finds the bastard that did this to her…:mad: :slight_smile:

Well let me just say started this thread about 15 minutes after we found out…but she has a doctor’s appointment set up for this week…

Ok, having been pregnant myself, I’ll suggest that there are lots of workout videos for expectant moms, and I loved 'em. As the pregnancy progresses, her center of balance will change, and these videos are geared to that. Certain gyms also offer special exercise classes for moms-to-be. High-impact aerobics are out, for example, but isometrics and low-impact workouts are fine. Walking? Fine. The NYC marathon? Probably out of the question.

I’ve had three. The rule of thumb I always used was if I worked out prior to pregnancy (I always have)then I continued as long as it was comfortable. Pretty much I could run up until about the third trimester when my balance shifted and my stamina decreased, then I switched to walking instead.Sit ups become uncomfortable by about 5 months and I continued weight training through most of the pregnancies. Everybody is different so she should talk to her doctor but the better shape she is in, the less weight she will gain, healthier baby, easier birth, etc.