My Wii is now online. Now what?

When I first got my Wii, I didn’t even bother learning about how to connect it to the Internet, as I didn’t want to bother thinking about a splitter or whatever I’d need to plug it in. Then it occurred to me last night – I now have wireless. After fiddling with it for about an hour, I’m finally online with it. (The reason it took me so long? Wrong password. Duh!)

So now I’m online. I can check the weather and the news. Nice, but not really useful or entertaining to me. And the only other options are Mii, looking at photos, and whatever disk I have in the thing.

Is there a way to get a web browser? How about watching Netflix movies? Can I download free games? What else am I not even aware of?

You can watch Netflix if you have a subscription - check out their website for details. There’s a Nintendo Shopping Channel that lets you buy downloadable games to play on the Wii; I think some might be free but don’t know for sure.

There is a downloadable browser. My son set it up. He’s *9. It can’t be too difficult!

*He’s 11 now. This was two years ago.

Those sound like good things. I do have a Netflix subscription so I that could be cool.

What I’m not sure of is how to access all of that stuff though. I’ve clicked on everything there is to click on, I think.

This is going on the assumption that kids are dumber at technology than adults are. I’d never make that assumption!

Does he have a younger brother that you can send over?

I believe that the Netflix app and web browser are available as free downloads in the aforementioned Nintendo Shopping Channel.

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how I was going to plug my laptop into my TV so I could watch netflix streaming on it (its an old TV, and doesn’t have an S-video port). I didn’t even think the Wii we have could go online, nvm get netflix. Good to know.

I’ll have to check to see if I have that. I don’t remember seeing it last night.

This is kind of funny because I just bought a Wii on black Friday and hooked it up to my wireless this morning. You can go the shopping channel and virtual console and guy old school NES, SNES and N64 games. You have to buy “Nintendo Points” to buy the games, typically $5 to $10 each I think.

As for Netflix, the Wii does not have HD output, does it? Mine only came with red/yellow/white cables and I do not believe there is an HDMI or HD component port.

Nope, but you can get component cables for it ( has them cheap). They won’t output 720p, but will get you up to 540p (I think - or 480p). Not a huge difference, but decent. Monoprice also has tons of other Wii stuff (like skins for the controllers) so the $4 on the cable may be worth it.

From what I’ve read on the specs, the only choices you have for video are composite or S-video. That’s kind of lame … especially since the rest of it seems so cool. And I say that as someone who really isn’t in to computer games.

This is true. I just hooked up a new cable box to my HD set downstairs an hour ago and had an extra HDMI cable and thought I would hook it up to the Wii. No such luck. Component cables it is.

Can’t wait to get a PS3 for Christmas so I can stream Netflix through it rather than through the Wii.

There are lots of great, inexpensive games to download from the Wii shop channel.

I really like the Bit.Trip series- they are sort of early 8-bit style games, psychedelicized and awesomed-up. Great for little micro gaming sessions, which seems to be what I have time for more often. YouTube videos of my two favourites:

Bit Trip Beat

Bit.Trip Runner

My wife has been getting a lot of play out of Sonic the Hedgehog 4

We both like Zombie Panic in Wonderland.

ETA: Composite =/= Component. Get the Component cables, it’s worth it if you have an HDTV. Of course, it ain’t HDMI, but you’ll get a proper progressive frame and it shows. EATA: never mind.

Don’t forget that you can now play mario kart with anyone else who has a Wii (you can friend them and then you can both join in).

Great for my BFF and I to do once our respective kids go to bed (though, trash talking involves a phone call be made, no headsets like xboxes have). We are 50km apart.

Thanks! I found it last night and watched some Bugs Bunny.


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