How do I get to this site... via Wii?

Or howdo I do any web browsing via Wii? Some sites suggested that it uses Opera as a browser. I would hope that it uses a downloadable app that needs no points. But I can’t seem to find that magic combo of clicks that lets me browse the Net.

Is this possible?

Well, I don’t know that I am going to be a great help here, but here goes.

Yes the Wii has Opera for a browser, it didn’t cost any points or anything. I think you can browse to the Wii store, and will find Opera listed, free.

I did do this on our Wii, but I don’t play it much and I really don’t use it to browse with.

I did this mainly for the, “Hey, cool, I figured out how to do this!” factor.

I think it is called Internet Channel. Look for it in the Shopping Channel. It used to be free, then they went to pay, and now it is free again (at least it was when I downloaded it). That seemed to coincide with when they released Netflix streaming to Canada.