My Windows Defender Doesn't Start Up Automatically

Untill recently when I rebooted my computer Windows Defender would always start automatically.

Now I noticed that whenever I reboot the computer, it comes up with an icon in the sys tray saying that “Windows Defender has been turned off.” It then asks me if I want to start it. I say OK.

I have AVG latest version and I updated and ran it. No issues. I have Spybot, latest edition, updated, ran it and nothing comes up. I have Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware also latest version, updated, ran it and nothing comes up. I ran Windows Defender scan and nothing comes up.

I went to Windows -> Tools -> Options and the “auto start” IS checked, so it should start up automatically.

I just recently upgraded from AVG 8 to AVG 9 and I’m wondering if this may have something to do with it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have ideas of why Windows Defender isn’t auto starting? Once I start it up, it runs no problem.

Probably because AVG does its own malware scanning so it disables WD.

Its a rude and bloaty app. I suggest you uninstall it and install Microsoft’s Security Essentials instead.

Thanks I’ll uninstall AVG and then see if Defender does start and let people here know

Just in case someone else is wondering, that was definately it. If i uninstall AVG 9 then Windows Defender starts automatically. If I reinstall AVG 9.0 (free) then Windows Defender won’t start automatically but will start manually