My Wirelss Connection is driving me Nuts!

I have a wireless connection set up in my apartment and for awhile I was getting excellent connections with it to my laptop. But then I had to reset the wireless router and ever since then my connections to my laptop have been spotty at best. I get my connection dropped all the time with the message a “A network cable is unplugged” (or something like that). Then after twenty seconds it connects again. I really don’t know what to do, it all set up originally so easily, but now I am lost.

Tell us about your router and wireless adapter (the thing that connects to your computer). Brands and models would help I’d think.

I recently had this happen to me when I did an automatic update of my Microsoft Broadband Networking products. The only way to fix was to move the wireless adapter on the far machine closer to the router (still about 50’ away, but closer than 60’). Luckilly for me it was a USB adapter…not sure how I woulda moved a PCI card closer!

No idea why it happened.

Also, check to see if there is a fireware update for the router or a driver update for the card.