My world, and welcome to it; a pictorial MMP

My idea for this OP had it’s genesis in the desire to show off one thing I find funny in the ironic sense, but it then grew into trying to show off some of the places I talk about in my fire tales. From there it grew into a challenge to show off where we live the mundane parts of our lives.

I live in the VunderLair, which is a 1 acre remnant of a once bustling 30+ acre hog farm. The rest of the former acreage is cotton field

Across the cotton to the south is the bed and breakfast, home of Doug, CindyTheFlake, and Lauren the rental daughter. This is the place where I kidnapped the goat for a prank that backfired. You can see some of the ubiquitous cotton in between.

To the east about 3 miles is town, affectionately referred to as Mayberry. Believe it or not, you’re looking at most of it. On the left is the Baptist church, where I displayed a big ol’ Plumber’s Smile to the congregation on a rescue call. The yellow building is the old courthouse, built at the height of the Civil War, and now the library. The two story building on the right is the lawyer’s office, and coming back towards you are 2 county office buildings, and the red brick on the right is the new courthouse.

As we move more into town to The Intersection[sup]tm[/sup], this is the barber shop where my buddy Steve from the Rescue Squad works. Across the street directly is the Post Office, and next to that to the west is the gem that started this exercise in mundanity, the Civil War Memorial. It’s a beautifully carved moment really, and totally serious. On the front is the inscription, which honestly makes me <snerk> each time I look. I was born and raised in a state that won that murderous growing pain in American history, and I now live in a state that lost. I hate to be all PC about it, but 21[sup]st[/sup] Century hindsight makes me think that the monument should honor both sides.

Around the corner to the left is my fire station, or as VWife calls it, my Second Wife. Way outside town to the east is the Rescue Station. I helped pose the equipment for that shot, BTW.

My parting pic isThe Hooterville General Store, located about 6 miles north of Mayberry. The store is as rinky-dink as anything else in the county, but they donate A LOT of drinks and food to the fire and rescue departments during big operations, so they get a big salute from me.

As far as the shots that got away, apparently I forgot the save button for Hooterville Hardware. Also, I couldn’t do anything about the Coast Guard Base that pays my obscene mortgage. Cameras, national security, and all that.

Welcome to my world, in the land of cotton-clad rednecks.

W00T!!!1111!!! First!

Off to work, reply later

Cool pictures, Bobbio. Nice to have an idea of what your world really looks like.

Took some pictures the other day, but haven’t uploaded them yet.

Didn’t sleep enough, but still have to get up. Boo.

Guess I should actually get ready for work.


Nice life, VBob! You definitely live in a nice place!

I am afraid I have been too busy to complete my homework properly, but suffice to say that this takes up a large part of my day-to-day life! I will try to take some other pics, but no promises, since this week will likely be as busy as last week was!

One of my very beast friends died last night.
Her son and my daughter were very close.

It was utterly unexpected.



I don’t have the camera this week, so I can’t take any pictures. That’s why we have Teh Intertubes! This is where I spend most of my life when I’m not home. Well, not in the clock tower, to the left of it. Here we have the Showcase Search Room at Archiving Work. Behold, the snazziest room in the entire library! The desk where I sit when I’m a desk monkey is to the left and right behind that is the workroom where I hide when I’m not a desk monkey. There doesn’t seem to be a picture of Reference Work online, which is just as well because it doesn’t look anything like Showcase Search Room. After a few hours being a desk monkey down there, Reference Work starts to look like this. “Go to the <insert name of link> on the library homepage…” multiplied by 1000 IMs, phone calls, and confused/worried looking students standing at the desk.


Great pictures, and story to go with it, Bobbio.

{{{Ivory}}} That’s awful :frowning:

I failed homework… maybe I’ll take some pics this week. Yours are great, Bobbio! Mayberry looks so little and cute!


Swampy - re: the last MMP, I do not partake of vienna sausages. Dad likes to buy them for something to give the dogs after he eats lunch and doesn’t have any leftovers. They are such little beggars!

FCM - those are some wild colors in that apartment! I think it is great that y’all are building it for the kids, though.

OK - time to work. <sigh> Is it Firday yet? :smiley:

Thanks everyone… I am just so— sad.

Sorry to hijack the MMP so early, when it seems like a fun one, too.

I think I took some pictures last week, I’ll post them at some point.

I, unfortunately, did not have a boring weekend.

Friday evening was a humdinger of a wreck. A dude in a pickup truck T-boned a car with a teenaged mom and baby on the driver’s side, and both vehicles wound up side-by-side, nose-down in a ditch at a 45[sup]o[/sup] angle. It took a half hour to cut the mom out.

Guy had a broken nose, baby was OK, and mom was flown to the hospital with an intracranial bleed.

Saturday around noon, the mortgage company called, asking where my September payment was. :confused: :dubious: Uh, dude, I mailed that on the 5th, and I made a big production of it because I wanted it out and gone before TS Hanna messed things up. Now I have to call the bank to see if the check circulated, and all that BS. :mad:

Shrimp Fest was Saturday night, and we had a good crowd. The excitement came at closing time, when one of the patrons was well lubricated, and took offense at his friend pick-pocketing the car keys to keep the guy from driving. There was a lot of shoving and shouting for about 20 minutes, until the sheriff told the drunk to cool it, or he definitely would not be going home that night.

After cleaning up from Shrimp Fest and becoming a fire ant pincushion, VWife and I got the bathroom finished as far as we can go at the moment. The painting is done, and all of the shelves and stuff that hang on the walls is up. The new lights make it extremely bright in there, a good thing. Now I have to save my $$$ for a new john, floor tile, and wainscoting.

Back to work, so I can get some rest.

Awwww… what a cute little town Mayberry is, Vundie. Hope the mystery of the missing mortgage cheque is swiftly and satisfactorily resolved (this is why I’m glad the bank automatically withdraws our mortgage from the joint account each month - no muss, no fuss).

Pictures were taken, but I haven’t had time to upload them yet… twas a busy weekend. I’ll be a good girl and take care of that tonight. :slight_smile:

{{Soapy}}. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

Oh my God** ITD**, I’m so sorry.

Vundy Mayberry is such a cute little town! You sure are surrounded by cottonfields!

I have yet to do my homework. Sorry teacher! I’ll try to get to it soon.


Great OP, BBBobbio! I didn’t take my camera with me when I was out and about on Saturday so you’ll have to make do with these pics of sunny home. It’s a small city called Wolverhampton, the name comes from the “founder” of the place, the Lady Wulfruna, who (according to the tourist guide) was the original owner of the land and built the first town. It was called “Wulfruna’s Hean Tun”, or Wulfruna’s High Town (because it was up a hill…) and eventually that became Wolverhampton. People who are born and raised there call themselves Wulfrunians.

This is the campus where I work. On the ‘virtual tours’ pic, you can see Old Joe, the clock tower and the end of a semi-circular building called Aston Webb. I used to work at the far end of the Aston Webb block, and (if you find a campus map) I’m now in Building Y17 which is Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. How grand is that?

I may take some pics around home later but it’s wet and grim out there so they’ll look a bit naff.


Called the bank, and my check has not circulated. Called the mortgage company, and it hasn’t shown up in today’s mail, either.


Now I gotta fork over 30 to stop payment on the check, and send a replacement payment 24 hours later. #&!% postal service!

Oh, Happy first day of Fall to everyone in the northern hemisphere, and 1st day of Spring to everyone in the southern.

It looks a lot like the places around where I grew up … except I lived in the “big town,” pop 2,400, and still the largest town in the four-county area.

I have pics of Glasgow but haven’t put them up - sorry!
Text received a minute ago (no pics yet): Paula has been born. At 14 50. 3kg 740gr. Everything fine.


Welcome back, stranger!