My XP Windows Task Manager is messed up..

When I ALT+CNTL+DELETE and my XP Windows Task Manager panel comes up, it doesn’t have the File, Options, View, Windows, Shut Down Help or any of the tabs (Application Processess, Performance, Networking, Users).

I just have the Task and Status part with whatever is running.

It use to be normal. Was the last Service Pack causing this?

What happened? How do I get the correct window back?


Doubleclick the top border of the Task Manager window and it ought to return to normal.

You’re looking at the “sort-of minimized” (I forget Microsoft’s cute marketing term) version of the window now.

I know exactly what you’re talking about, but it was (most probably) not the last service pack … there’s some key combination that gives you the mini-version of the task manager …

But i can’t remember what it was!!!

So I wanted to let you know you’re not nuts, and as soon as I think of what it is, I’ll let you know!!!


LSLGuy, you were right…
I double-clicked the top and I’m normal now.

Some JERK had double-clicked the top and goofed it up!
And if I find him, I’m gonna…oh…um…never mind…

Can I hijack this thread? I appriciate the advice about double clicking since it “fixed” the problem on my account, but on my dad’s pushing ctrl-alt-del doesn’t bring up the task manager. Instead you get a message saying “Task Manager disabled by administrator.” We’re not connected to a network, so… Any ideas how to get it back again? Nothing at the Microsoft site helps, nor do the help files on the computer itself.

Is he using the administrator account on his computer? If not, log in as the administrator.

That website should help you out, elfkin477.