MySpace Bullying Leads to Suicide

This story is just depressing. An overweight, bullied 14-year-old named Megan Meier got a new friend on MySpace. A boy named Josh who took an interest in her and thought she was pretty.

But then he turned on her and, along with her classmates, started calling her fat and a slut. After her father found Megan dead by hanging, he found this message on her MySpace page

Of course, there was no Josh. He was made up by some cruel people. Only they weren’t kids, they were the parents of a former friend of Megan’s. According to the police, this is what the mother of the friend did…

Megan’s parents say she died not knowing Josh was fake, and that, while she had problems, she’d never attempted suicide before.

What really gets me are the adults involved. How fucking pathetic. And I think we’ve all known people like them, to some degree. Grown ups who thin ktheir children are infallible, who want to be ‘best friends’ with their kids and re-live their teens through them. How sad.

That. Is just. Fucked. Up.

Beyond Belief.

Ditto, and what else is there to say?

I felt like crying at this.

If there isn’t a law against what those people did then they really should sue those people.
Heck, MySpace should sue them.

It’s been all over the local news here, so at least there’s no chance that the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t know who the scumbags are, anymore.

I heard about this the other day. I can’t imagine what that family must be going through.

I hope the family that did this has been outed by the neighborhood as well. I hope it ruins the mothers life, although I feel a bit bad for whatever kids might be in the family.

The Brooklyn Smasher.

Not to mention sick and disgusting. What the hell were the other adults thinking?

I don’t think they were.

I will never understand people.

The other mother doesn’t feel guilty because Megan had tried to kill herself before?

It is sick enough when kids to it to each other - I just can’t fathom this…

Awesome*, that’s from my paper (Post-Dispatch but not the St. Charles edition).

This is one of the many reasons I freaking hate MySpace. All these kids are obsessed with it (including my little cousins who live out in St. Charles/O’Fallon) and it pretty much rules their social existence. It freaks me out because all this internet interaction is so important to them, but they don’t really understand how the internet can make people act. It lets them hide and feel safe saying whatever they please, lie. I really wish there was a way to actually verify age before using sites like this, and that the age limits were higher (maybe 16 or 18). MySpace is just another way for kids to feel shitty about themselves. “No one comments on my pictures, I must be ugly” or “no one leaves me comments on my page or sends me messages, they must not like me” and all this other crap that isn’t true. When kids didn’t have the access to this crap, they were still teased, still slighted, and still bullied, but at least other people were seeing it (like at school) and could help, at least sometimes. And I cannot fucking believe the parents that did this! Like seriously, they’ve gotta be the ones that are really mentally ill here. Who would do such a thing? I can see a short-sighted, immature 13 year old pulling a stunt like this, but adults in their 30/40s with their own kids? It boggles the mind.

*sarcastic awesome. Actually I am quite ashamed these parents live probably only 40 minutes away from me, and likely live very close to some of my family members.

“The report we gave the police is wrong; we’re trying to have it amended”?

Holy Cripes.

I understand how criminal charges can’t be filed, but surely a civil suit?

Ugh. :frowning:

But I don’t understand this:

What exactly do they want to make illegal? Bullying? Being mean? Not being honest online?

Could it be a form of harassment?

What it actually is, is evil.

She said she doesn’t feel “as guilty”, which hopefully means that she feels incredibly guilty. And it’s not clear to me that it was the adults that were doing the ganging up and doing the insulting. Having said that, they’re still clearly fucked up people.

Not quite sure about that, either. I do have trouble calling adult behavior ‘bullying’ rather than ‘harassment.’ I think the parents just want their daughter’s death to make some sort of difference, for some good to come out of it, rather than just take some sort of ‘revenge.’ More likely, the perps’ names will get out (inclduing the daughter’s) and they’ll get their own special ‘bullies.’ I doubt it will make the parents feel any better, though.

This belongs in The Pit.

I kinda do. Would those same adults use the USPO to harass this kid? I’m guessing not. They’d feel exposed and lot less anonymous if they did the exact same thing with pen and paper. It’s weird, really, how attitudes change because of the medium. I’m not certain that it would be strictly illegal by mail, but it’s easier to envision someone compiling the messages and trying to press charges.