Finally, we learn the name of Evil- Lori Drew.

I do not hope she or her family are harmed.

I do hope she & whoever else is involved are glared at, insulted and/or shunned for the rest of their days.

I admire their restraint. I don’t think I’d have been able to stop with just the foosball table.

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I totally read past the foosball table part- thank you, because I am totally bowled over by THIS-

“The police learned about the hoax when Ms. Drew filed a complaint about the damage to the foosball table.”

The old “Man murdering his parents & throwing himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan” definition of Chutzpah has now been displaced!

I would not classify her as Evil. Petty immature asshole, sure. Do you really think she wanted to kill the girl? I mean if the victim didn’t fall for the hoax or was mildly perturbed would you still classify the perp as Evil? Evil is something that is not dependent on the outcome. IMHO

I’d tag a parent with the “petty immature asshole” label if they took sides in the usual stuff that goes on in their kid’s world and let their feelings be known, in those parts of the kid’s world that they routinely came into contact with.

Like, when you’re doing your turn driving the kids home from swim team practice, a couple of kids are sniping at each other, and you decide to jump in on one kid’s side and snipe at the other kid. That’s being a petty, immature asshole.

But this was a planned, premeditated choice by a parent to go out of her way to create an online persona to win a kid’s trust for the purpose of turning on her and making her feel rotten about herself.

Irrespective of the consequences, IMHO it’s way beyond petty and immature.

Yeah, evil works for me. And I’ve seen plenty of evil.

I didn’t realise you’d met my mother-in-law!

Ms. Drew is definitely evil. She lacks a conscience or any sense of empathy, and her behavior as a result is disgusting.

This is no different from a child poking a dog over and over and over again, only to be angry at the dog when it bites back. Except that Ms. Drew is an adult and should know better.

She deserves whatever punishment she gets, be it civil, criminal or karmic.


If it does turn out that no actual law has been broken, and thus she can’t be prosecuted, then IMO the community should get together for a good old fashioned shunning.

Seems like that’s in the works already, and worse. The Drews are now virtual recluses with security cameras on their roof.

With their name being made public on the internet, lots of abuse has been directed their way - from people calling clients of their business to fake police calls to their house.

Karma’s a bitch.

She already knew the girl had a history of depression. An adult messing with a vulnerable kid’s head on purpose is evil even if the kid was still alive.

Due to the SDMB’s policies, I can’t post a link, but googling her name leads very easily to the personal information on this waste of space. Any grown up who hides behind a mask to terrorize a 13 year old child deserves whatever shit she gets. Karma’s bitch.

One of my little cousins went to school with the deceased before she transferred to parochial school. They were not good friends or anything, but said Megan was a very nice girl, even gave her cookies around the holidays once, just to be nice.

I have multiple relatives in Dardenne Prairie, and all of them are outraged. Everyone I know out there is just very disgusted by the whole thing. If I was thirteen and lived in that community, lord knows my friends and I would fuck the Drew’s house up something fierce. Eggs by the dozen. Good thing I’m not thirteen anymore.

I couldn’t sleep last night and clicked around lots reading up on this more. The extent to which Drew is evil is, in my humble opinion, beyond belief. However, she seems to have some hoping to follow in her footsteps waiting in the wings.

Yes, I realize it’s fake, but just the existence of a blog like Megan Had It Coming is disturbing on too many levels to mention. Then if you follow all the various links around to other places, you have a whole (undoubtedly small, I’m sure) group (?) of people from Encyclopedia Dramatica who are getting a kick out of trolling those upset by what’s happened and others (or the same?) who perpetuate sites against the outcry / backlash, yet come off as pretty much written by the demented herself.

There are several layers of punishment deserved here. But I certainly think public shaming is tame in comparisson. The idea to protest advertisers to her mailer coupon business is a positive reaction as a consequence to her actions.

That’s especially true when one considers that she used her work computers and an employee to make this whole thing happen.

Were I one of her clients, dropping business with her would be the least I would do.

Here’s the face of Evil

Bitch has got to be some kind of psychopath-that’s the only explanation I can think of. However, that does NOT mean she’s not an evil monster.

If anything, the fact that Megan had attempted suicide in the past should have made her feel even more guilty. Fucking with a suicidal thirteen year old?

Megan never attempted suicide, she just talked about it.

If anyone on this board is a expert at meeting evil it is QtM. If he says evil works for him, it for sure works for me.