Myspace quick question

I’ve created a Myspace account just for helping my out of town family and friends keep up with what I’m up to- so I’m using the blog function. On livejournal, you can cut your blog posts by using the < lj-cut > tag. I’ve looked and looked but can’t find on Myspace how to do the same thing. Does anyone here know? It’s making me crazy. I post a lot of pictures, so I could really use this function.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if you can. Their blog tool is pretty limited.

In short, the function doesn’t exist. It would be nice, but really - have you seen MySpace? It has its uses, but a robust blogging tool it ain’t.

You already seem to be familiar with LiveJournal. Why not just use that? There’s no rule that you can only have one account.

You may even be able to embed your livejournal directly into your myspace. If not though, just make sure a link to your livejournal is prominently displayed on your myspace.

Back when I used LJ I did something similar to what TJdude said, just had one post in my myspace blog titled “MY BLOG IS ON LIVEJOURNAL, CLICK FOR LINK” and had a link to it in that one post. Now I just use myspace for my blog (I rarely post to the blog… figured it wasn’t worth having two similar networking sites).

Oh, and BoBettie, that circular letter thread you asked me a question in? I wrote up a quick summary of the letter this a.m. in it.