Mysteries of Time and Space (MOTAS)

Since the search function doesn’t seem to be working very well right now for some reason, I’ll just start a new thread on this.
Mysteries of Time and Space (MOTAS)
The game was linked in this thread. I first heard of it in June or July from my friend Corey, and managed to finish it for the first time a few days ago. (I would have finished it in July, but couldn’t due to circumstances beyond my control)

It took me more than three and a half hours, and an hour of that was spent getting out of Level 12. I swear that this walkthrough changed between Thursday and Saturday, though! (on Saturday, it only took me 1.5 hours to complete the game) Level 13 walkthrough if needed.
Quotes from previously-linked thread:

Which hand room? What level is it on?

Do it! :wink:

Have fun, and enjoy! :smiley:


You may also enjoy Chasm:

Bah. Every time I ascend to a certain point in the maze of pipes, the game freezes up or gets into an infinite loop or stalls or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried Chasm already… and I’m experiencing the same problem Leaper is. :stuck_out_tongue: