Mysterious moving bookmark

I’m using a MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and Safari 15.4. I have Yahoo on my Favourites bar. It’s supposed to be in the ninth position from the left. Recently, it keeps moving to the first position. I’ve tried dragging it over, and I’ve tried using Edit bookmarks to put it where it belongs; but it keeps shifting back all the way to the left. I think it does it when I close the browser, though I tried moving it and closing the browser yesterday and it didn’t shift.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Not specifically, but something similar happened to me with a bookmark I added to one of the folders in my favorites bar. I added it on my iMac and noticed it was in the wrong place (at the top of the folder) on my MacBook, then when I moved it to the right place on the MacBook it then went to the top on my iMac. Once I fixed it on the iMac then all seemed to be fixed. So it’s likely something to do with Safari bookmark syncing. Do you have an iPhone or other Mac where you can try moving it? If not, then try turning off Safari sync in your iCloud/Apple ID account in System Preferences and see if that fixes it.

I opened Safari in the other computer, and saw that the bookmark was in the wrong place. I moved it to the right place. Then I noticed that it had moved left again on this computer. I’ve moved it to the correct position on both computers, so I hope if the bookmarks are synched they’ll stay put.

My bookmark is still moving.

I’ve moved it into position on both computers, but I did that over the weekend too.