Mystery film starring Anthony Hopkins?

I have seen this trailer twice at the cinema here for some film which I think stars Anthony Hopkins with a dodgy “oirish” accent. (It looked like him anyway).

It’s about an old guy who moves in as a lodger with some young family. The little boy makes friends with him, and soon discovers he has psychic powers. Anthony Hopkins then gives these powers to the little boy. Then Anthony Hopkin is on the run, trying to escape some weird people.

I can’t remember the name of the film, and I can’t find anything like it on IMDB or Yahoo! movies next to Hopkins’ bio.

Also: films can be released here a couple of years after their US general release - we only just got Duets and The Wedding Planner - so it might be quite old.

Anyone know what it is?

Hearts In Atlantis probably.

Hearts in Atlantis definitely.

Oh cool - thanks - it was by his Yahoo! biog how did I miss it?!

Was it any good? Worth seeing, or worth TheMovieSpoiler-ing?

Yeah, definately worth seeing. Just don’t be expecting a fast-paced adventure flick. It’s a Stephen King book, but without the usual horrific gross stuff, just general strangeness. I liked it alot.