Mystery Puzzle (medium difficulty)

I needed an answer, and I needed it fast. Danny would know, but he was spending this weekend at his office, and I couldn’t remember where he worked. I found my way into Moma’s organization of workspheres. There were a bunch of sticky notes strewn across her desktop. Searching, I found his name, along with Martin, Tom, Thomas, and Andre. So I went to pay him a visit.

He wasn’t there, but Dilbert was. I found myself standing on a rug split in half. Funny thing is, one of the words spelled backwards was what we used to call Ferdinand in the old days. And that got me to thinking about his nemesis, a pal of mine for a couple of years in Texas.

I went to Info Please to ask about my old friend. I hadn’t realized that he was drafted so long ago. I noticed there that his teammate was sent somewhere else. I felt like that old teammate held the key for me, so I paid a visit to his hometown.

I started inquring about the history of the town, and found a map to the points of interest. I knew right away that I had to visit the episcopal church. The name rang a bell, and I thought I might find what I was looking for.

Sure enough, when I went inside I found the library. And there they were, the instructions I needed! Let’s see… separate the blades… yadda yadda… yep, here it is! Tada!

Wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time. I gotta go downstairs now to the service, and then I’ll be back next week. You do know what next week is, right?

What does the phrase medium difficulty have to do with that?:slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question, but what I meant was that it isn’t too easy and it isn’t too hard.

I’m sorry. It was just a smartarse way of saying that I thought it was very hard.

Ah, okay.

Hey, SDMB…

We’re not going to let this “medium” puzzle defeat us…right?

Dang it Libertarian, I didn’t write a puzzle for this coming Sunday so that I could spend all my time on my taxes, and now INSTEAD, I’m spending all my time on your sneaky puzzles.

Must do taxes. So why can’t I put this puzzle down?

I like this. I can’t figure it out but I like this sort of thing. . . any hints?

Well, I found the sticky notes, and Danny and his friends. I went to their company’s website, and sure enough, Dilbert’s rug (more of a mat, really) was in two pieces. It was easy enough to find Ferdinand, but after that I got bogged down. I thought I knew who his nemesis was, but he didn’t seem to have anything to do with Texas. Kansas, yes. I couldn’t find any Texas connection at all, so I thought, a person could easily mean Kansas and write Texas. Maybe that’s what happened. And this guy had exactly one teammate in the same draft. But just try to find out where that teammate grew up. It’s not happening. So maybe it is Texas after all.

I don’t have a clue yet on the church or the bell or the library. Separating the blades makes sense, though. And I didn’t know what next week is, but I do now.

That will have to be enough for tonight.

Biotop, sorry about the intrusion on your taxes. Next time, vote libertarian. :wink:

Capybara, Peregrine left you quite a few.

Peregrine, if you want an answer to the Texas thing:

[symbol]We went to school together.[/symbol]

For anyone interested, a complete walk-through and solution to puzzle is here.

Excellent puzzler, Lib I really like the eggs. Please bring on some more, because it was a great way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning.

I almost wish you hadn’t posted the hints, because they were a constant torment to me when I couldn’t figure out E’s friend. Luckily, I did not give in.

Thanks, Lib.

Glad you enjoyed it, Hamlet. I’ll do some more soon.