Mystery Science Theatre Hamlet??

Dear fellow Dopers;

Could it be true? Has Hamlet been done by the boys and the bots?? I must have this for my British Literature class!!! Any ideas where I might be able find it?

Thanks a ton!!

Yes, the did a dubbed German film of iHamlet from the 1960s, starring Maximillian Schell.

It airs every so often on the SciFi channel’s saturday morning airing. In my opinion, it is the worst MST3K ever. It’s so dull that not even the Misties could save it, and that’s saying a lot. I avoid watching it, and I’ll generally watch most anything the Misties have ever done.

Frankly, you’re better off just watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

It’s boring, but the Curly noises almost make the whole thing worthwhile.

I like it a lot actually. “Hey Hamlet! Why don’t you ramlet?” Hehe!

Didn’t Ricardo Montalban do the dubbing for the King. (Ham’s uncle).

Bleh–talk about boring…:rolleyes:

According to Rhino will be releasing this episode on DVD November 18.

Thanks for all the comments, folks :slight_smile: Looks like just my FilmLit class will get to experience the MST3K magic…

Yes, he did. And, to my disappointment, I don’t believe Mike and the 'bots ever made once “Khaaaannn!” joke during the whole show.

It’s not just Hamlet, it’s starchy, pork-filled GERMAN Hamlet

Talk about weird timing…
I’ve got about 30 episodes of MST3K on tape, but none of them are labeled, so over the last few days I’ve been cataloging them. Last night, I did the one with Hamlet on it, and remembered just how horrible it really is.

I love that one! I like the part when they play “Alas Poor WHO?”

Die already!

this episode was like watching Hamlet as done by the Sprockets people from SNL. Luckily Mike and the Bots saved the day again.

What’s the only thing worse than clowns? Danish clowns!

I find it surprising that anyone would bother to dub a wretchedly depressing German TV version of Hamlet into English in the first place.

Just after the long-winded death scene, Mike and the 'bots produced a “Talking Hamlet” doll. They had to pull a string out from its back to make it talk, but Mike kept pulling the string out indefinitely, until he was way, way off camera. They cut to a commercial before he could release it.

No, no, he pulled the string out and out and out and released it to the soliloquoy, which played over the closing credits.

Any references to “De plane! De plane!”?

There was one or two references to the fact that Ricardo was doing the voice over (I think it was to ‘rich Corinthian leather’).

I liked this one. It was especially helpful to know Hamlet and some of the historical commentary of Hamlet to get some of the jokes. The writing team of MS3K are college educated, after all.