Mythbusters in my town!

Mythbusters! I sat only one table away from Adam at a restaurant last night! I know one of the managers at the restaurant and he said one of the servers found out from one of the other people at the table what they’re here to do… blow things up, of course :slight_smile: Making diamonds, using a rocket powered sled to simulate two semis crushing a car, and something about explosive welding.

Mythbusters in my town!

…And I alone escaped to tell thee.

Flee now before a flaming Buster head smashes through your car.

…and what town would that be?

They’re ALWAYS in MY town :wink:


Socorro, NM
They came to use this place.

Hijack to ask:

Basandre, do you know BlueKangaroo? She’s the only reason I know of such a small town in NM.

Yep, sure do! We were roommates once, even…