Mythbusters "NODOUDT" license plate - what does it mean?

I wasn’t sure if this belonged in GQ or Cafe Society. I decided on the latter since it’s a question primarily about something on a TV show.

In the Mythbusters show, you always see a California personalized license plate that says “NODOUDT”. I haven’t been able to figure it out. I keep wanting to see it as “No Doubt” but the penultimate (wow, this is the first time in a long time I’ve been able to use that word!) letter IS a ‘D’.

Has anyone been able to figure out the meaning of this plate?


Always seemed to me that whomever already owned “NODOUBT” in California did not want to sell it, so they came up with something close.

Shoutout to the flight sim engineer who occasionally help them? (Saw his profile when I searched for it, way back)

I always assumed it was intended as ironic comment on the inadvisibility of careless certainty.

After Googling “NODOUDT,” I noticed you can buy coffe mugs, sweatshirts, T-shirts, posters, etc. all with that plate on them. I guess they were able to copyright the phrase “NODOUDT” for marketing purposes, whereas “NODOUBT” might not be so easily copyrighted and not as profitable.

Trademark, not copyright.

And Raytheon filed for a “NoDoubt” trademark two years ago.

Whatever. Close enough for rock 'n roll.

I am watching a re-run right now and noticed the plate as I always do. . . If I remember right, it is the plate off of the Delorian on the back to the future movies.

But now that I think of it. . That plate said outatime. . . It is off a movie plate. . Im sure of it!!

Comment withdrawn. However, this is a zombie thread.

The car they used with that plate was for speed camera myths, and it was probably the original plate on the donated car they used. Many of the Mythbusters cars used in myths are donated by fans or bought off Craigslist-type classifieds.

But it won’t be the last.

Pretty sure the Delorian’s tag was “Outatime”

If you think about it, “DOUDT” is a more proper spelling than using a silent B.

No doudt.

Good one.

Off topic, but I tried to get a license plate with 6UL DV8, and it was denied.
DMV has NO sense of humor!