Mythbusters Regular Dies in fall

Scared you? Yeah it scared the heck out of me too when I saw this link on cnn.
I first thought of Tory or Grant. (Jaime and Adam are stars of the show)

Turns out it was Erik Gates, a guy that’s helped them on several rocket myths.

CNN souldn’t scare people like this. :frowning: That headline freaked me out for a minute.

I do vaguely remember Erik. I think he helped with the confederate rocket myth.

He also helped out with the Jato Rocket Car, one of the first myths and still one of my favorites. They had a little “In Memory” mention of him on the last episode too. There’s a better article about it here:

And CNN sucks when they come to headlines. I remember there being a recent one about a “Power Rangers Actor” dying. I looked him up in IMDB and he was an extra in the first couple episodes.

They dedicated the most recent episode to him. The thought that crossed my mind was that he was the Doper who recently passed away, but the then I realized the timing was off.

That was my first thought, it might’ve been Adam, Jamie, Tory, Grant, or Kari. Or maybe even Jess. That still doesn’t lessen the tragedy of Erik’s death. I’m sure the loss of his contribution will greatly affect the show, and my sympathies to his friends and colleagues.

Edit: And he was a cancer survivor, which makes his death especially sucky.

I hate misleading headlines like that. I was thinking it might be Scottie, who was a “regular” before they went to the three person opening-credit-worthy build team of Grant, Tory and Kari.

BTW: the advertisement at the bottom of this post (at least on my screen), is “MonsterQuest: Chupacabra; Does the Goat Sucker Exist?” I never thought I would see an ad with the word “Chupacabra” in it.