Mythbusters - which urban legend should they tackle next?

Personally, I’d love to watch them recreate the exploding gerbil myth. Would Adam mind having a cardboard tube shoved up his ass? Hard to say. :wink:

Did you see that one last night with the dead pigs in the Corvette??? Jeezopete, I was holding my nose in case the smell somehow magically leaked through the tv screen.

Those guys remind me so much of a bunch of guys I know (my brother, for instance.) They’re guys who love to figure out how things work, and then how to blow them up.

They crack me up.

I love that show! It just makes me happy.

But I agree, the pigs were a bit shudder-inducing. eeeeeeewwwww!

I’ll never eat during Mythbusters agian, that’s for sure.

Urban legends they should debunk? How about gravity?

Which should they recreate? Well, it has to do with gerbils, but not exploding…

About that pigs episode, did anyone else notice that they put The Club on the 'vette’s steering wheel? That had to be one of the funniest bits of subtle humor I’ve seen on TV in a while…!

As for what myth…hmm…I seem to recall reading about a Darwin Award in which two women were struck by lightning and the coroner concluded that the metal underwire in their bras is what attracted the strike that killed them…would be interesting to know if that’s true/possible…

Could someone please fill me on the story behind the pigs in the corvette?

Well the urban legend goes that a man dies in a expensive sports car and is not discovered for months. The person trying to sell the car cannot get the smell out no matter what. Mythbusters is trying to duplicate this and prove whether it is true or false by buying a used Corvette, putting 2 dead pigs in the car to simulate a dead person, and leaving them to rot in the car for 2 months. Well, lets just say the results were not pretty.:eek:

appreciate the reply.

My money is on “Poodle in the Microwave,” next.

By the grace of the gods, they won’t use a real, living Poodle. One of those frozen Gerbils you can buy as Python chow should be enough.

Woah…hope it isn’t long before one of our channels buys this show for airing down here. I’m not sure I want to see the ‘pigs’ part, but the concept has me hooked already!

I hope you get to see it, Gmork, it’s a fabulous show.

My favorite is a tie between shooting Buster out of a drain-pipe canon, and building the giant rubber ass to see if you can really get stuck to an airplane toilet.

Ooh, ooh a straight line! Wait for it… wait for it…

Gravity’s a myth.


They did that already, except that the UL victim was a punker with a lot of facial metal. They used ballistic dummies and a Van de Graaf generator for the tests, but found that no amount of metal smaller than a doorknob would “attract” lightning.

That was an outrageous waste of a fine car. Ticks me off when Monster Garage wastes a classic, too - just because they’re easy to find in California doesn’t mean they’re an inexhaustible resource. Wouldn’t sticking a dead pig in a Taurus have demonstrated the principle just as well?

Ya, didja notice the guy selling the Corvette wasn’t real happy about what they were going to use it for either? It was his “baby.”

It’s still the nastiest thing I have seen in ages and ages.

I really enjoy the pleasure they get out of blowing things up though.

Well, did they get the smell out?

Well, did they get the smell out?

Not completely.

Part of the experiment is that they had to sell it. Nobody would buy a stinky Taurus.