N-words, six characters, numbers required

Okay, here’s the game: Make a list of six-letter words starting with N, using at least three numbers to stand in for letters, within these parameters:
[ul][li]Words must start with the letter N[/li][li]Words must have six characters[/li][li]Words must end in two letters, or one numeral followed by a letter, or two numerals[/li][li]Letters, if used, (except for the N) must be in the last position or the penultimate and last positions[/li][li]The three characters following the N must be numerals[/li][li]Acceptable numerals are 0 (‘o’), 1 (‘i’), 5 (‘s’) and 8 (‘ate’) only[/li][li]The first numeral (after the N) may not be 0[/li][li]‘Sound-alike’ words are acceptable (e.g., n8ions = ‘nations’)[/ul][/li]Examples:

n810ns = nations
n155an = Nissan
n1ss18 = initiate (okay, that one’s a stretch)

Ready… Begin!

Of course, that one should be n15518. :smack:

Using numbers for letters? Internet pop-culture beat you to the punch on this one. Plus, they use 3’s too. Because they’re l33t.

would this be acceptable: “n1such” (nONEsuch)?

I was of course speaking of the form, not the specific example. I didn’t want to blow my long-word candidate.

Only six characters allowed.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear, the “actual” word would have been long in my candidate, not the alphanumeric represention.

So, is it allowable to interpolate the name of the number, or can it only be a direct substitute for a letter?

Trying to come up with a call sign for your plane, eh Johnny? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to get noob figured out; Maybe N000BEE ?

Sorry, I got nuthin’ But I’ll think about it for awhile


(use a mirror)

Yes. For example, 8 = ‘ate’.

Nope. Doesn’t fit the format.

First number can’t be a zero.

Indeed it’s based on N-numbers. But not for my plane, since I don’t have one. :wink: Of course you can have N-numbers shorter than N+5 (e.g., N1KE), but I thought the game would be more challenging using standard-length strings.

:dubious: Ummm,




NESSIE -> N355IE or N3551E or N35513

can you use 6 = G or 9=g ?

Without 3=E only N155AN really seems to fit.

I thought there would be more.

Incidentally, N155AN is a Gulfstream V.

Well there is N155EN which is a sort of hut invented by Peter N Nissen.

My spell/check dictionary lists only NATE and nates begining nate*, no niate* words
only Niobe and niobium beginning nio*, ond no ns* words at all, just nisi ans nisin for nisi*, no niso* words at all.

Using 8 as just at gives your N810NS but it dosen’t exactly scan.

nates means buttocks, so could be used for 2 word combo.

a stutter on the N could give us N925ER nine-to-fiver but that is very weak.

Not real words but readable

N111II ( as in the Knights ho say Ni )