Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Aw, Cece. You didn’t even mention that this song was coopted by the Giants last season to mark the last season at Candlestick.

On second thought, maybe you’ve been to a game at the 'Stick and are no more sentimental about it than most Giants fans.

Neat TV commercials using the song, though.

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Please add a link to the column. Jill

The “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye” song is also the ‘theme’ song of the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team. Fans sing it before and during the game. It is supposed to bring luck, but it sure is not working in the last few years.

I spelled Canadiens with an ‘e’, it is not a typo, it is the French spelling.


It is funny how the mind plays tricks – To this day, I find it easier to remember the lyrics to “Surfer Joe” than those to “Wipeout”.

Two weekends ago I attended a zen retreat in upstate New York. The setting was tranquil and beautiful, with the glorious fall foliage in full riot.

In the pre-dawn of the crisp Saturday morning, we sat zazen with a sensei who had come to zen after may years as a musician in southern California.

Following an hour in silence, we were invited to rise from our cushions for a short ceremony that culminated in the sounding of a very old Japanese temple bell. It’s deep sonorousness echoed across the surrounding hills, bringing a renewed spiritual depth to all of us as we stood, heads bowed, in our rough-spun black robes.

Next, the sensei bid us begin a period of walking meditation, chanting aloud a koan he said had brought him the deepest insight during his own quest for enlightenment. We began to stride in unison, our hands folded before us, our voices raised to rose-tinged sky:

Papa oom mah mah mow papa oom mow mow . . .

Bananarama’s version kicked some serious ass.

I think I love you girl, I think I need you now…
Farewell, Candlestick!

JMcC, San Francisco
“Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring”