Isn’t time the NAACP change what it’s acronym means?

The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People?

Isn’t referring to African-Americans as “colored” a bit politically incorrect nowadays?
How about “New African American Coalition for Prosperity” or comething like that? Am I the only one that finds this name a bit archaic if not a bit offensive?

Well, black (excuse me, African-American) people found it perfectly acceptible to call themselves “colored” when the organization was first formed.

Besides, “person of color” has now become a politically correct term, so the naming convention has gone full-cycle. :slight_smile:

“Love 'em, fear 'em, and leave 'em alone.” – Dr. Spockiavelli

Besides, name recognition is one of the most prized commodities a group can have. If the NAACP changes to the NAAAA, their biggest hurdle wouldn’t be being subjected to constant “Land of 1000 Dances” jokes. It would be trying to get people to remember what the NAAAA [bold] is [/bold] when trying to fund-raise, offer support and solidarity to other groups, etc.

How do you get NAAAA out of National African American Coalition for Prosperity???

theuglytruth asked:

Reply: By being an idiot, of course.

Mea culpa; I misread your question and made a few (incorrect) assumptions- namely, that the new org would be called “National Association for Advancement of African Americans.”

Given the title you used, and the fact that it fits the old acronym perfectly, my new response is “I have no clue.”


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Well, personally, I don’t like it when “coalition” appears in a group’s name. It literally means a military group, which implies warfare. Plus, it sounds too much like the Christian Coalition.

Oh, man, don’t even get me started on the NAACP…

Their racist/reactionary positions make the KKK look like a Sunday picnic (no pun intended).

NAACP motto: “Blame whitey for everything

NAACP was founded by A Jewish person. Colored people was how Blacks wer referred to then and the have kept it for name recognition.

I was totally unaware that the NAACP was militant, KM2? Is that because of the new head, Kwasi Infumi-sp?

What a heaping load of bullshit.

First of all, the NAACP is open for membership to people of all skin colors and religions. The same is most certainly not true of the KKK.

Second of all, when was the last time the NAACP engaged in a program to terrorize white churches, burn down the homes of whites, lynch white boys, and basically run all the whites out of town on a rail? Never.

In a forum devoted to stamping out ignorance, it’s a wonder KlanMan’s head doesn’t explode when the page loads up, as full of abject stupidity as it is.

“It’s my considered opinion you’re all a bunch of sissies!”–Paul’s Grandfather

O, c’mon, Phil. I’m sure the KKK would accept as a member a black man who believed in white supremacy! :smiley:

“The above has been closed-captioned for the sarcasm-impaired” - Some poster who deserves credit but whose username I can’t remember

Well, if the name were changed, it would have to be done on a what, annual basis? I remember when “people of color” were Negroes, and were very offended at being called black…then it was ok, then it was not, then it was Afro-American, but no, African-American, then no, get rid of the hyphen…

At the rate things go, it won’t be long before the term “darkies” is acceptable. Let’s see…National Association of… DARKIES?

C’mon, people. Get real. Enough with this political correctness bullshit.

Jim Staudt


This statement has much merit.



WWWebster Dictionary

What the hell is ‘military’ about that??

Why guess? The Klan is in the phone book. Why not call and ask? :slight_smile:

(Perhaps he’d only be eligible for “associate membership” - i.e., you can wear a bedsheet, but you can’t burn a cross except on your own lawn :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Firstly, it’s Kweisi Mfume.

Secondly, comparing the Klan to the NAACP is like calling Pauly Shore a Shakespearian actor.

Thirdly, the NAACP was founded by a group of people, white and black, including W.E.B. DuBois, Henry Moscowitz, and Mary White Ovington. (And not a cowardly, sheet-wearing, sister-fucking redneck in the lot.)


This comes from a man who uses terms like “Jap,” “Negro,” in his posts. Not the first time I’ve heard people decry “polotical correctness” so they can be jerks with impunity.
As to the OP, I’d agree with the name recognition WAG. The organization has been known as “NAACP” for a long time, and they don’t use the full name much any more, so I imagine it’s just been convenient to leave it as is.


Makes sense, after all, the initials in ESPN and Texas A&M no longer officially stand for anything.

Not all KKK members are “sister-fucking rednecks”. That’s like saying all blacks are gangstas. There are certainly assholes in the KKK, but a lot has changed.

Nowadays, the KKK has shifted more to opposing affirmative action, practicing white pride (which doesn’t mean white supremacy), and fighting the Orwellian practice of changing history to accomodate questionable minority achievements. Case in point: if a white scientist conducted a bunch of experiments with PEANUTS… would he be as famous as George Washington Carver?

Many of the “contributions” of the KKK are exaggerated anyway. Those church burnings we’ve all heard about were due to arson, not racism (many white churches were burned too). In fact, one of the black churches was burned by Asians!!

As for the terror the Klan causes, blacks have far more concerns with black-on-black crime. The KKK couldn’t even BEGIN to match that stat. I also presented an article in another topic that said blacks kill far more whites than vice versa. Where’s the outcry?

Most of the replies said it was poverty, not racism. And how rich do you think the “sister-fucking rednecks” would be?

Say, who was it that set off a bomb in a black church and killed four little black girls attending Sunday school? Blacks? Asians? Nope, I don’t think so. Burning black churches has been a hobby of the KKK for nearly 100 years now.

“It’s my considered opinion you’re all a bunch of sissies!”–Paul’s Grandfather

The recent concern over the burning of black churches does seem to have been a reaction to a perceived phenomenon that didn’t exist. When fires of black churches were compared to fires in white churches of the same income level, the “disproportionate” number of black church burnings shrank. Most of the fires (for black churches and white churches) appeared to be the result of bad storage habits, faulty wiring, and the rest of the usual causes of fires in older building that are not kept up to code. Among the burnings were several arsons, of which a few were, indeed, racially motivated. (Interestingly, several of the known racist arsons appear to have been inspired by the news stories about the perceived rash of arsons.)

However, other incidents indicate that blacks still have much to fear.

This issue has already been addressed. If a greater number of poor thieves are black and a greater number of targets for theft (both in wealth and overall population) are white, it would be hard for the black assailants to limit themselves to black victims. The numbers that someone presented on the other thread indicated that a proportionally higher number of blacks than whites are actually charged with hate-related crimes (although the raw numbers for blacks are much lower). However, since the number of blacks in the U.S. is much smaller than the number of whites, there is hardly any danger to white society, as a whole, from black crime. Fear it? Move away from it.

On the other hand, white-on-black violence is often a tool to prevent good citizens who happen to be black from moving into white neighborhoods or white jobs. That (unlike a the color of an inividual mugger) is a cause for concern.

The new, kinder, gentler, Klan? The Southern Poverty Law Center has been having quite a bit of success in the recent past suing (in Southern courts) specific covens for encouraging and carrying out lynchings and other terrorist attacks on blacks.

Poor people always have more to fear from the poor thieves that are in their midst than people of better means have to fear. When the vast majority of poor people in New York were Irish, a fear of Irish thieves among the Irish was understandable. When certain neighborhoods changed from Irish to Italian, the same situation occurred. If you went to 19th century London, you would find that the greatest number of assailants in the (white) cockney areas were (white) cockneys.

Black-on-black crime in high poverty areas is a serious problem. It is not used as a weapon to prevent black people from moving to better housing or taking better jobs. White-on-black terrorism is used for that purpose. It is certainly less common today than in 1969 or 1959. However, each year there are incidents in which black families are driven from their homes by local white thugs. When was the last time you saw a white family tearfully moving out of their neighborhood because “Black Power” was sprayed on their house?

It depends. If a white guy had, indeed, experimented with ways to use a crop to restore the land that had been totally exhausted by the incessant re-planting of cotton, I would think that his name would show up. (Your dismissal of peanuts is really silly. There were people who knew that peanuts would re-enrich the soil; only Carver had the intelligence and perseverance to discover several ways to use peanuts as a profitable crop so that the soil could be enriched. That is simple capitalism. When peanuts were merely goobers that poor people ate, the southern farmers refused to plant them because they were not profitable. Carver made them profitable and, thereby, saved extensive sections of southern farmland. If you did not pay enough attention to the Carver story to realize that he saved your agriculture, maybe we should be teaching it more, not less.)


Come on, now! When is the last time this happened? I’d like to see this story if it happened in the 90s. Source?

Of course, I bet I’d get a much warmer reception if I lived in Harlem or Cabrini-Green. Heck, if I just strolled through those neighborhoods…

“Sister-fucking rednecks”. Hmmm, offensive generalizations about poor whites and incest. With an obscene word to boot. Yet, I got banned for using the n-word.

pldennison and tomndebb: Good posts.

KM2: yeah buddy, I’m afraid the justice system leaves much to be desired around here sometimes, yet you have to take the good with the bad.

As a former member of the NAACP (Native American) (and who also had KKK in his family background)I would like to thank the intelligent posters that outlined our history.


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