Nacho Libre

I saw this at the discount theater, and got my two bucks worth. The question I had in mind as I was leaving the theater was “Why?”.

Why were there so many ‘misfit’ people and why did everyone have that strange, stiff smile on their faces? Why is the co star so effeminate? Why did Jack Black agree to do this awful movie?

Oh, my GOD, it was awful. And when did it take place? You can’t tell by the fashions. My son loves it because it has Jack Black and wrestling. I had a little nap in the middle.

Not only did he “do” it, but he freakin’ produced it!!!

All the previews looked awful. I really thought it looked like it would be horrible. But, I thought, I really did like Napoleon Dynamite a whole lot and on top of that Mike White was involved in the script (and co-produced with Jack Black- Black and White Productions) That’s Mike White, writer of Chuck and Buck and The Good Girl.

So, I thought, gee I’ll have to go see Nacho Libre even though it looks horrible. With the creative team involved there could be a pleasant surprise.

God, was I wrong.



I thought it was hilarious.

“Why you always have to judge me because I believe in escience?”

Now I’m really confused, because the New York Times gave it a surprisingly good review (link), referencing Pedro Almodovar, Peter Sellers, Bertoldt Brecht, and Dr. Strangelove.

I, too, loved that part. And there were other parts that made me happy, such as the salads he made for the orphans.

But so much of it was pretty boring. The cow-pie piece was disgusting without adding anything to the movie. The wrestling bored the tar out of me, and there was so much of it!

I will watch it again when it comes out on DVD. I wasn’t crazy about ND until my second viewing; perhaps this will be similar – especially with the ability to skip the wrestling scenes.

My expectations were oh-so-high.

I didn’t care for it much either but my ten year old son really dug it for some reason.

I liked it. I had fun. It was a lot like Napoleon Dynamite, only with more plot and Mexican wrestling.

I’ve heard that Jack Black grew up on lucha libre and was very excited about hanging out with real luchadores. He had a great time.

That nun was hot.

I enjoyed the movie – it was a bit odd, but very entertaining! Plus, as someone else has already pointed out, the nun was hot!

Too many gratuitous fart noises, no doubt partially due to its being a Nickelodeon Films production. The sound engineer was overexuberantly juvenile throughout the entire picture.