Nader In: Chance for Dopers to Elect McCain

So Green Party/Naderites, you have another chance to fuck up the world by voting for Nader and then saying “don’t blame me dude”. Are you going to do it?

Fuck off already, you pompous attention whore.

Are there really a groundswell of people out there ready to go to the battlements for 73 year old Ralph Nader once again? I don’t see it. The Nader for Prez movement (which was never exactly a juggernaut) was already a ghost of its former self in '04. I think if Obama wins the Dem nomination, even that ghost will be dissipated. Even the most radical, hemp wearing, vegan, pothead, 9/11 conspiracy believing, “don’t taze me, bro,” Che Guevera T-shirt wearing, neo-Marxist, hippie, feminist, Ren fair, neo-Pagans aren’t going to choose Nader over Barack.

The funny thing is that philosophically, I agree with Nader on just about everything but I still think he’d be a shitty president. Even I think he’d surrender America to the terrorists.

You mean besides the Republicans?

I think Nader this year is irrelevant.

In 2000, Nader recieved 2.9 million votes, or 2.74 percent. I don’t blame Nader too much for 2000, as Gore should have ran away with that election.

In 2004, Nader recieved 464k votes, or 0.38 percent. Obviously the Nader voters learned their lesson.

He’s just an egotistical prick at this point, who will have no bearing on the election this year.

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Stick what a whiny piece of shit you can be.

I voted for Nader in 2000 and Gore did not lose because of Nader, Gore lost because of being Al Gore and running a bad campaign.

No worry the “Evil” Darth Nader won’t be stealing more than a handful of votes from Obama. The Democrats actually found a candidate that knows how to campaign and move the general populous. Can you Dems hold up you’re side now and make sure that Hillary does not steal the nomination?


If Nader had a rational mind, I could only surmise that for some reason he’s got a bug up his ass against Democrats.

Whinier version of the same pitting over here.

Don’t worry about Nader, He won’t take any votes from Obama. Now the Dems just need to make sure that Obama gets the nomination and not Hillary that can lose to McCain just by being herself.

BTW: Nader did not cost Gore the election, Al Gore did.


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I agree with Little Nemo. I think Nader will pull more votes away from McCain than Obama. I think there are a lot Republicans who are pissed enough at their party to want something different, don’t see McCain as different enough, but who could never bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, let alone Barack Obama.

It’s purely anecdotal, I know, but that description fits my father to a T. In fact, he was so disgusted with Bush in '04, he voted for Nader. There was no way in hell he could ever vote for John Kerry, but he’d be damned if he was going to vote for Bush again, either.

I fucking hate that God damned Nader; he is the most despicable piece of shit out there and I hope the rat bastard chokes on the next breath he takes. I’d like to hang him upside down and build a fire under his head. I hope his dick never gets hard again and that his wife, if he has one, shows up with a tattoo on her ass that reads “Property of the Hell’s Angels.” I hate him more than I hate my ex-wife and I don’t like her at all.

You have written many brilliant posts, Dio, but this is a new high.

Ha! This post made me laugh. So does THIS.

Nader was a fucktard even before he started getting delusions that he could win an election. I specifically remember back in 1987 when the Feds let states bump up their highway speed limits a bit from 55 to 65. (the entire "National Speed Limit’ bullshit was finally killed in 1995). Nadar was on television crying that they just murdered thousands of motorists by raising the limit 10 lousy miles an hour.* “My God, I’ll bet people now are going to go 70 out there!”* 70 on a fucking freeway! Where’s Elijah, it’s the end of the fucking world. Pussy!

Thank you, sir, and may I commend you on your sparkling critical judgement.

Don’t be too nice. You’re still wrong about free will.

No, I never let anything go. Ralph Nader is my inspiration.

I get a laugh out of people who voted for Nader in 2000 and try to justify it. Nader was a sham candidate in 2000, and you were a fool for believing in it. You were a fool for thinking that he could possibly have ever been an effective president. You were a fool to make excuses as to why it wouldn’t matter if Bush defeated Gore. Furthermore, you did help elect Bush in 2000 if you voted for Nader; be honest with yourself and accept it.

That stated, you had to be real moron to vote for Nader in 2004, after 4 years of what the Bush presidency had already done to the environment and every cause you care about.

Anyone voting for Nader in 2008 is so far past being a blithering idiot, the most likely thing they need is a towel to clean up the drool.

Nader is going nowhere. He is a cipher. He is the epitome of an empty suit. What he pity that he has such an inflated sense of himself that he can’t figure out a respectable way being an advocate for the causes he cares about, besides being a joke presidential candidate. He’s Mike the Mover of the U.S. presidential race, but with a slightly better resume.

He’s an object of ridicule, nothing more. What a shame that Tim Russert wasted valuable airtime giving him the time of day.

By the way I agree with what Obama has to say about Nader:

Obama has far more charitable things to say about Nader than he deserves.

I get a laugh out of all these people that think Gore deserved all those Nader votes “Aaarg! You Stupid people! Vote for the Demo-bot!”.

So if polls suggest, as Little Nemo and Shayna just did, that Nader pulls more votes away from McCain than from Obama will all you loyal Dems carry him around on your shoulders?

If you think Gore is (or was) a “Demo-bot”, then your political acumen is feeble at best.

I’m going to put on a bumber sticker next to the one that says “Guns Don’t Kill, People Do”.

Yes, what Al Gore should have done is run more to the left so that he could pick up the fringers. Dude, are you that fucking stoopid? Look at a bell curve.

He was robotic and a Democrat. He was a Dembot in a Repubots world. Seriously, if you are trying to say he wasn’t some partisan party line toeing Democrat, ok whatever.