Naked Carpentry

From this article:

Discuss amongst yourselves. I’d love to hear from carpenters.

See, there’s good naked; then there’s bad naked…

You know how one important safety principle is to avoid loose clothing, which can get caught in power tools, etc? Well, some things just shouldn’t be swinging free next to blades turning at 10000rpm, if you take my meaning. :eek:

I once read, in a boat magazine, of a varnish specialist who kept dust out of the finish by closing up a boat’s hatches and working in the nude. Somebody warned him he was absorbing solvents through his entire skin. :eek:

Not to mention using that stuff in an enclosed space without ventilation!

Not the sharpest pencil in the box, considering the lion’s share of indoor dust comes from…human skin! :wink:

I’m a great proponent of nekkidness, but this guy shouldn’t be doing it in other people’s houses without permission. And his excuse (“I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty”) is just ridiculous. If he got his body dirty, his clothes would get dirty when he put them on. Was he planning on using her shower without permission?

I do think changing the locks is an overreaction, though.

Considering the number of slivers I get when I am working with wood, I would hate to consider the possible locations I would get them If I did woodworking in the nude.

Except that the lion’s share of dust in a finish carpentry setting comes from sanding.

I saw this story, and what I couldn’t figure out is why he was crawling around under the house messing with the wiring if he was supposed to be building bookcases. Were these electric bookcases?

I guess he wanted to keep his tool handy.

Possibly. Some bookcases have lights built into them. Alternatively, he might have been moving some power outlets that the new bookcase would have covered or something. Or it was a more general renovation than the story suggests.

Heh. I hope he wasn’t “working with wood” when he was discovered.


That would depend on whether he was working with hardwoods or softwoods.

And where did he sit when he took breaks?


What kind of pansy-ass carpenter cares if he gets his clothes dirty? I’ve done carpentry. If you ain’t filthy by the time the day is done, you didn’t do it right.

Plumber’s butt extreme!