Naked Mayor Pictures

Globe and Mail, Dec 10th

The best part is that, while embarassed, she is unrepentant and pissed off at having her private property stolen. She seems to have the support of the town, which is pretty cool.

Her kids, I would imagine (hope!), are mortified.

This is truly the most entertaining front-page news I have heard in a long time. And really, for a mayor, she’s pretty hot. I’m sure glad it was her and not [shudder] Mel Lastman.

Chin up, Mayor Smith ! Houston BC is lucky to have a mayor such as yourself !

I searched high and low and could not find nekked pic.

Did I say that out loud? :smack:

Naked underneath all the clothes.

Not too bad…

Damn . . . I thought we were going to get hot, full-frontal Ed Koch . . .

Ashamed to say I’ve looked a great many places for “the” picture. It’s hard to believe it isn’t all over the Internet.

Still, I hate all those self-righteous “holier than thou” folks saying that she has demeaned the office of the mayor and should resign. I’d love to see someone dig up something really embarassing about them !!!

This story was on NPR’s “All Things Condidered” today. They had a phone interview with, I believe, a former Houston, B.C. town councilman. He was advocating her resignation. Apparently, the photo was taken in the mayor’s office.

No way! Give me a good David Dinkins any day! Hell the name just screams “Porn Star”. :smiley:

I feel so, so dirty for saying that–even in jest.

Yes, I know the photo was taken in the mayor’s office. But it is her office. Also, she thought the photo would be for private use.

…Or Marion Barry shudder


I can’t bring myself to contemplate the horror that must be Boston Mayor Tom “Mumbles” Meninno naked.

I gave up wondering why Larry Campbell (mayor of Vancouver BC) is never photographed w/o a hat on his head. I just hope it doesn’t have anything to do with this. At all. :wink:

Hey, I didn’t advocate her resignation,the guy being interviewed on NPR did. I think the idea of her being asked to resign over this is silly. :slight_smile:

Dammit I need to see this picture!

Check the pic in Casey1505’s post, Manduck. You sure you wanna go there? :smiley:

And I agree Wakimika, it’s a tempest in a teapot at best.

C’mon, be nice. If she showed up at my bedside with a plateful of crackers, I wouldn’t point her towards the kitchen. She’s got some sexy blue eyes. Certainly not a two at ten, ten at two kinda gal…

Sorry, Casey. You got a lotta heart, mang, is all. :slight_smile:

Mea Culpa

Sorry if I sounded somewhat angry and it’s good to see we both agreed about the silliness of asking her to resign just because she posed nude.

Trust a Good Ol’ British tabloid to come up with the goods.

Warning… only if you really, really need to see.

(It’s quite tasteful - they have put a maple leaf over the “main” area. If this link is inappropriate, please, please inform a mod and get the link deleted. But it’s an extraordinarily well-read newspaper over here, and the story - likewise the picture - is quite definitely in the public domain).

The more worrying aspect for me is the name of the bloke kicking up the major stink -

Councillor Nipper Kettle, anyone?

Well the mock-up of Ken Livingston in the all-together made me laugh out loud… :smiley:


We also had a Welsh MP take a photograph of himself in his underpants and post it on a website.