Naked, With Bokken, In The Masonic Lodge. Newslink

And Nashville does it again! Trying hard to top Florida in the Weirdo Division, & it’s a great entry, folks! A young man with nerves of steel, a tons heart, a willingness to duke it out with the Cops, a Samurai fixation*, and anti-Masonic paranoia*!
What a trooper!

They had to set the dogs on him to beat him! What a contender in the Wacko Division!


Well, if nobody’s there, the great hall is probably a good space to practice in: high ceilings, good floor, lots of room.

He was in the toilet.

Anyone else read the thread title and think “Boy, those theme versions of Clue are getting pretty weird.”

I blush.

Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And maybe he was just changing.

Hah! I am now! :smiley:

At the bottom of the page I have:

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Police: 2 Men Raped 19-Year-Old Girl At Downtown Club”

Umm … no.