Deputies report rampage of naked, shocking behavior

Welcome to Florida!

This is the abstract to an short piece I read in the paper on Monday, and I almost died laughing. While very little that happens in this state comes as a surprise, I have to say that this did.

The police get a call on a robbery in progress. An officer arrives to see

He then tries to flee by jumping a fence and loses his sheet. Prior to the deputy’s arrival, he had been tasered by the occupants of the home, and had also shocked himself.

There’s much more detail in the article. I just wanted to share this, because it’s just crazy. Anyone around Inverness to give us any further details? Any other recent news stories of insanity to top this one?

Well, that new law about people being darn near required to shoot first and claim self-defense later comes to mind…

UncleBill was reading this story to me, and said, “Guess what state this happened in!” Der.

It’s so much more amusing to read the news out of FL now that we don’t live there.

I know it’s not polite, but I had to chuckle after reading the article when I saw the reporter’s name, Abbie VanSickle. The mental image of Igor giving Young Dr. Frankenstein the brain of “Abbie Normal”, combined with this story and the name VanSickle was just too much for me.

I’m sure Abbie is a very fine reporter, and I sincerely apologize for my wicked thoughts.

Great Googly Moogly. :smack:

What was Phelps (heh!) on and where can I get some?

: eyes paper clips and electric outlet :

The Rise of the Machines is Relentless! :eek:

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say PCP. Dunno where you can get any, though.

Waitaminnit. . .

This guy is still conscious after being tazered and sticking his fingers in a bulb socket? Granted, he may have not had the best continuity for all 120V @ 60Hz for a 110 W light-bulb [sub]he ain’t all that bright to begin with*, but it amazes me he was still able to function after two dances with the Electrical Devil.

Shit, I agree with Geobabe: PCP or Crack. Like, where the hell can I get some?

The story makes me want to lick an outlet to test my strength!

[sub]And I’m not all that bright to begin with, if I can’t freakin’ finish some coding tags. . .[/sub] :smack:

Yes. It used to be that mainly California was blamed for crazies. Now it’s Florida. Are they different? It seems that Californians are crazy for having weird beliefs or (relatively calm) lifestyles. Floridians are crazy because they commit stupid crimes or do something weird while on drugs. Of course many Californians do the same, but Florida gets more credit, seemingly.

Yet more evidence for my hypothesis that it’s just safer to just stick to the Northeast.

Stop the presses! It wasn’t Bambi’s naked rampage.

I clicked on this thread for NOTHING.