Name 3 Things You Like About Yourself

Ok - so my bf and I have been talking about compliments today (and our respective issues with believing/accepting them.)

So, without too many snide remarks, please list 3 things you like about yourself.

And just so I can be a little more controlling and you can be a little more restricted, please do it in this way:

[li]Name something physical you like about yourself (please avoid talking about the size of your sex organs).[/li][li]Name something you like about your personality.[/li][li]Name something you like about your activities/skills/creativity.[/li][/ol]

To get us started, here’s mine.

[li]I like my eyes. They are blue, but have enough flecks in them that the shade of blue can change based on what I’m wearing.[/li][li]I like my (usual) ability to make people laugh. Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone give a hearty chuckle at something I’ve said.[/li][li]I like that I can sing. I love music so much, I’m glad that I can sing along without being worried what I sound like. And I love the way music can help me express myself in ways I can’t always say with paper or normal conversation.[/li][/ol]

  1. I’m 48 and have a full head of hair
  2. I’m the class clown and can crack people up
  3. I’m a pretty good bass player (semi-retired)
  1. I have a great smile
  2. I have a strong sense of self
  3. I’m a pretty decent musician
  1. For a guy in his mid-50s, I’m in pretty good overall physical shape and have good stamina. Can’t do it at the drop of a hat, but after some shorter hikes or rides, I can hike 15 miles or bicycle 50 miles. I’ve never awed anyone with my strength or fitness, but my body’s a good, reliable friend.

  2. I’m a fairly reflective person.

  3. I’m a damned good analytical thinker.

  1. People tell me my eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. I guess I’ll believe them.
  2. I’m extremely empathetic.
  3. I’m an excellent listener. Doesn’t that count as a skill?

I love my eyes–they sparkle and they show how much I love people.
I love my quirky sense of humor.
I love the beautiful stitchery and knitting that I do.

  1. My body is very nicely symmetrical
  2. I am fanatically loyal to my family and friends. If you need something, and it’s within my power to do, consider it done.
  3. I’m a fantastic cook, particularly with French and Caribbean food, but I can deconstruct and recreate pretty much anything I taste.
  1. I have a kickass immune system. I haven’t been sick since I was 12. That was 10 years ago.

  2. I have awesome vision. I can see real far and real clear. Part of that is probably my ability to reason out what tiny words say…but regardless.

  3. I’m a great kisser.

I’m really healthy and in good shape.
I’m extremely easygoing; pretty much nothing fazes me.
I’m a talented, self-taught carpenter and all-around fix-it type of guy. With limited exception, I can build, repair, fix or renovate anything home-related.

[quote=“melodyharmonius, post:1, topic:520499”]

[li]Name something physical you like about yourself (please avoid talking about the size of your sex organs)[/li][/QUOTE]
Wait – what?? I don’t want to play, then.

  1. Though I’m 64, most of my hair is still dark brown . . . but my sideburns and goatee are gray.
  2. I have a wicked sense of humor.
  3. I am very artistically creative and have an excellent “ear” for music.

I have good hair (it gets compliments from strangers, that must mean it’s good).
I’m calm and reliable in a crisis.
I’m not a terrible guitarist (I can play things so people recognise them).

Incredibly good-looking
Extremely intelligent and witty

and for bonus points:

Bilaterally symmetrical, mostly

I threw that in because I think people are starting to assume if it’s a post by me - it’s going to involve sex talk.

I bet you pride yourself on your humility :slight_smile: j/k!

Everyone - this is great - I think it’s awesome!

  1. I am in fairly good shape for a woman my age, as far as flexibility and strength.

  2. I am a good leader, and also a good facilitator.

  3. Now that I’m approching 50, I feel as if I’m on top of my game in my work skills. Also in my hobby which is cooking.

  1. The fact that most everything works fairly well. I can bicycle, hike, travel and am free from serious medical issues right now.
  2. Fairly independent and self determined
  3. Very introspective and curious about myself and the world, which has given me loads of information that comes in useful almost every day.
  1. I’m a fairly muscular guy, this is based on a friend who is into bodybuilding saying “you are more muscular than I thought”. It may have been said in passing, but it was certainly a compliment coming from him. Also, I’m not repulsive, or ugly. Zaftig, or, hefty might be accurate, but I’m fine with that.

  2. I’m am friends with a whole lot of people, pretty much every one I meet. I can’t think of a single person that doesn’t like me (IRL at least). I used to be able to walk into a bar when a band was playing, and know a dozen people. Now, I’m almost surprised that any of us still go to bars at all.

  3. I am an accomplished musician. I have played before crowds of thousands, opened for acts that everyone has heard of, and I’ve been sought after for my skills by numerous people. My bands have sold thousands of CDs, and I can be heard globally by a simple Google search.

Why did I think this might be cathartic? Oh well.

** 1. Name something physical you like about yourself (please avoid talking about the size of your sex organs).**
I’m sorry, I have to break your rule. My breasts are awesome.
** 2. Name something you like about your personality.**
I openly admit my mistakes and make honest efforts to correct them.
** 3. Name something you like about your activities/skills/creativity.** I have always been a deeply creative person (esp. in writing and music.) As I’ve matured, I’ve become more analytical. The result of combining my creative instinct with a learned pragmatism is that I am very good at synthesizing diverse bits of information into a cohesive whole and using it for practical problem solving. Now I’m capable of artistic exploration in areas not normally associated with creativity.

  1. Women say I have a wonderful smile with “adorable” dimples. I’m inclined to agree :wink:

Also, I’m quite happy with the shape of my penis.

What? You only said to avoid talking about the size!

  1. I’m reasonably quick-witted and have a decent, if a bit twisted, sense of humor.
  2. I’ve always been very athletic. I’m a good basketball player and avid snowboarder but recently I’ve started to embrace my creative side. I’ve recently discovered that I seem to be a better-than-average writer and a decent photographer.

I just need to figure out how to parlay this into a steady paycheck…