What do you like about yourself?

Too much negativity - time for something positive. It’s not “how screwed up are you” or “what’s your hangups?” It’s time to find something you like about yourself.

There’s a list of things I don’t like about myself, some changable, some not. But, things I like about me (in no particular order):

[li]I’m tall[/li][li]I can sing - I sing in the church choir & have done some minor roles in local musicals.[/li][li]I’m a good father and a pretty-good husband.[/li][li]I’m good at my job and, I think, decently respected by my coworkers.[/li][li]I’m decently smart - probably not national merit scholar smart but probably brighter than the average person.[/li][/ul]

There’s more but it’s a good starter list. What do you like about yourself?

I make people laugh.
I’m a hard worker.
My kid likes me.
I’m fairly well-read.
I’ve got good taste in music.

I think I’m hysterically funny.

Me, too, twickster. I crack myself up. I plan to rely on my wicked sense of humor when my spectacular rack eventually succumbs to gravity.

I’ve got a great sense of style (black hosiery with white shoes? check!). I also speaks real well.

My hair. Really pretty deep red.(as opposed to the day-glo stuff I had growing up) And it smells good.
my cooking skills; I am a KICK ASS cook. And baker.

Definitely a wicked sense of humor there! Cracked me up!

As for me, um:

I like my natural hair color.
I’m a pretty good problem-solver - not like Dear Abby, but like “Why the heck isn’t this thing working???” problems.
I multi-task well.
I’ve become more outgoing and less self-conscious in my old age! :smiley:

I’m a better mom than my mom was to me.

Our child is our top priority in life (my partner and I).

I am good at the nose-roll in quarters.

I’m very relaxed in the classroom (I’m a teacher).

That’s about all I have at present.
It’s not a particularly great day.

I am a good public speaker.

I’m particularly proud of this because I used to prefer intense physical pain to speaking in front of a group of people. But, in my job, I have to give speeches frequently, so I did it often enough I got comfortable. Then I got good. Then I got really good. Now, I’m a total attention-grabbing ham!

I get along with everyone
I’ve got a clear, deepish voice and good speaking ability
I remember names, faces and telephone numbers very easily
Quite laid back
Sense of style (although it does get annoying sometimes)

Now that was awkward. :smiley:

[li]I am tall (and not gangly. I have some weight)[/li][li]I can solve just about any technical problem at work[/li][li]My boss said I was the most intellectual person in the company[/li][li]I have incredibly good close-vision[/li][li]I am polite and kind to everyone, even people I despise.[/li][li]I make computer shop employees nervous (by knowing what I am talking about)[/li][li]I possess a kind of coolness that I admire - When other people are getting excited/hyper about something, I am remaining poker-faced. (althought this can cause problems when people are trying to make me laugh - I can find something funny, but not react to it. I often have to force a smile)[/li][/ul]

-I’m tall too, :stuck_out_tongue:
-I love my eyes.
-People think I’m hilarious
-Very outgoing
-I don’t waste time on pointless stuff
-I’m not a “dumb-ditzy-blonde-female”
-I have common sense (not alot of people have this trait)
-I’m a good driver
-I don’t care about what people think of me

I like the fact that I am adventurous and enjoy traveling solo. :cool:

–I can do all that Martha Stewart stuff, without the bitchiness and superiority complex. Well, mebbee a little attitude.
–I’m honest.
–I’ve been told I have pretty hair.
–I’m a darned good teacher. Really; I’ve got the t-shirt and the plaque.
–I’m always there for my friends and family.
–I keep trying, keep learning.
–Not a bad artist.
Eesh, already I’m embarrassed. Why is it so hard to pat yourself on the back?

Second time better be a charm. My first post to this thread was hamster chow.

Ready for a shocker? I really love to cook and do it pretty d@mn well. Playing a dozen different musical instruments and being a natural bass is a pleasure. Composing songs and writing lyrics is just as enjoyable. There are few antiques anyone can place before me whose function and approximate price I am unable to guess. This helps my collecting adventures a lot. A sharp eye for decor assists my photography skills very nicely too. Being well read makes for better than average conversation, especially about world events. A smattering of several languages helps to get along with people from all over the world. The cooking and language ability is a big plus when ordering in restaurants. Lots better service when you know the argot.

Knowing how to wrench on a car and build houses is sure handy. A good knowledge of electronics and programming makes consumer electronics and computers a lot less intimidating. An ability to draw well plus analyse artwork of any sort frequently ends up with gallery staff asking about my training. Background in biology and botany makes nature walks fun and food shopping a lot easier. Fast reflexes contribute to a good driving record and fewer accidents around the house.

Most of all, an ability to remain young at heart makes for lots more fun when playing with children and animals. This is one of the most uplifting experiences of all.

What do I like about myself? Mostly everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, some things can be improved, like getting a killer ab, having more money, learning more, etc.

Hm, my best part seems to be I am optimistic. :smiley:

  • I’m the only 33 year old single male I know who isn’t a chef who can actually cook.
  • I’m reasonably intelligent. Not in Einsteins’ league or anything but probably above average
  • I’m the most adventurous person I know
  • I don’t have a single racist, sexist or homophobic bone in my body
  • I like my hair. It is natural blonde.

I just got a raise (not an inflation-based one either). I like that about myself.

c’ept I’m not supposed to talk about it.
Pretend you didn’t read my previous post.

Are some of your best friends black? I’m kidding. Anyway, I like pretty much everything about myself. I’m smart, I’m nice (sometimes), I make people laugh, am at least somewhat pleasant, honest, plus I’m hecksa cute. :smiley:

I’m a great father (still working on the step-father part)
I can be a great listener
I know more useless knowledge than anyone else I know
I go out of my way to help friends in need
I make a great lasagna