Perhaps we have some guests who can’t think of a good screen name. Perhaps you’re like me and just randomly think of cool names and feel inclined to share them.

Justin Thyme
Yashoor Yewbetcha

I don’t have any right now, but I was wondering about yours. I know there’s something of an Internet meme about it, but how did this meme get started? Was there some website or something?

Not really sure as of origin. I saw it plastered across the t-shirted boobs of a friend from work on the elevator, and liked it so much that I came home and switched my Doper name to it a year or so back.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot , although that already has its various incantations.

There were a slew of good ones when we were brainstorming (and only came up with a light drizzle) for the new name of Small British Shop Owner.
…or something like that.

Auntie Gravity
Emcee Squared
20 Minutes In The Trench
The Ultimate Cite
Will Post For Food

Yeah…I got nothin’.

I believe, though I am not sure, that the “Come to the Dark Side… we have cookies” thing came from a very briefly lived, but wildly popular LiveJournal based webcomic, whose name escapes me at the moment. It features some very small basic (and cute) drawings of the various characters from the Star Wars movies and it was quite funny.

In one of the comics, if I recall, the Emperor sways Luke over with cookies.

I am, of course, completely ready to be shown that I’m wrong.

We Who Are About To Diet Salute You

Zen and Stimpy (for a couple sharing a subscription)

Do Dopers Dream of Electric Hamsters? - good if you’re choosing a name while trashed, otherwise not very good.

Me, Myself, and Pie

Jack the Tipper

Velvet Porcupine

That’s all I got.

Mike the Headless Chicken

Cite Seer…?

Comma Cropper
Lord Golamitey
Béla Lugosi’s Dad
Rufus A. Cobb

I’ve posted a couple of these suggestions before…

Inverted Jenny
Lorem Ipsum
Alanis Marmoset
Frank the Flower

Bring on the goat!
The Ensuing Penis

Madcap Platypus
Trealla Fantrol (this one is my second choice if I ever change my username)
Mogur Psycho


SSG Schwartz–No, that is not available for use

Jock Hughes

I feel so boring now. :frowning:

Don’t we have one of those already?


I will teach him everything I know.

I expect him to be banned in a month and a half. :frowning: