Mehoff, Jack

Not Pleased With You Right Now
Verbally Frustrated
Cheap and Easy
Happy Feller
Clammy Palms
Purple Sweat
Gator Raid
Did Someone Say Pie?
Street Tough
Steel-Toed Slipper
Feathery Mace
Deep Fried Squid
Baron von Baron
Dotted Lime
Woolly Wally
Cheese Bucket
I Couldn’t Think of a Username
What Goes Up
OJ Simpleton
Orderly Misconduct
Eely McHovercraft
Ball Point Ken
Eternal Trumpet
Married to Evil
Dreadlocked Asshair
Mohair Boxers
Schweaty Balls
Smells Like Risotto
Who goes There?
Inverted Dolphin
Useless Invention
Icecream Sandwich
Cold Grey Skies
Freddy and the Mercuries
Fission By-Product
Fusable Link
Ballistic Penetrator
Vas Deferens
Smelly Passion
Useless Kidney
Recycle This!
I Are Smart
Foofy Pillow
Cement Salad
Howard the Duck
Release the Hounds!
Fair Territory
Cherubic Scrotum
Gleeful Midget
Barn Door
Straight Sailor
Butt Nugget
Ductile Worm
Blind in One Eye
Docked Dork
Listing to the Left
Butt Filter
Butterfly Killer
Sweet Limabeans
Boiled Icecream
Lurid Neon Sound?
Electric Tea?
The Quick Brown Fox?
A Knothole in Grampa’s Wooden Leg
Big Mac’s Special Sauce
Wafer Thin Mint
10 Pound Minimum
Comma Cropper
Lord Golomighty
Give Me More Money, You Bastard
fists full of fudge
Not Biggles
Chicken of Bristol
Insert User Name Here
Clams Got Legs
Johnny Pepsicola
All your username are belong to us
Fudge Fantasies
Smells Like Risotto

What they have to be new??? :wink:

I thought of one in the shower several months ago, and have been waiting for a thread like this to pop up. It doesn’t sound nearly as clever now, months later:

Auntie Christ.

Ha… haha… ha… ah. heh. Yeah, okay, lame. Probably even done a million times before. But it was new to me.

Ill Eagle Fireworks
Ernest Cyborgnine
Rage Against The Miami Sound Machine
Marmoset Knock You Out

Tess Elation

Bravo, beebs, Bravo!

Kleptone Racers
Serf’s Up
Dr. Memory
The Fifth Head of Cerberus

I sort of cheated. Last night I happened to be browsing an older " name" thread and I remembered that when I saw this new one. I just went through and collected them all up, sorted, and reposted.

Think of it like my 2007 MMP collection I posted a month or so ago (which needs to be updated). I’m slightly obsessive compulsive, so I enjoy collecting things, hacking them up, and putting everything back together in a neat and orderly fashion. You’d never know that from my personality though.

Turtles All The Way Down

Ludicrous Speed

Cinders Blue

Jargon Scott

ooh, here’s another one:

Morning Constitutional

OK–I’ve got nothin’, but…

May I ask where you came up with this one, bbs2k?


Thanks to the fertile imagination of Mangetout, I suggest Crandall Spondular.

Some posters find that folks are mis-guessing their gender. If you’d like to make it clear, upfront, try:

for the male, Not a Dame Lion

for the female, Iona Vagina

Wait, I thought of one.

That’s Just Like, My Opinion, Man.

bbs2k, I just printed out your list and am taking it to my shrink today. I’ll let you know when I have the results.

Whose idea was Toast Museum?

Crap Nelson

Stop flirting with me already!

ETA: No one likes Smells Like Risotto?

I always wanted to suggest the team of Hoyt Europa and Morgan D. Veldt.

How about There’s Always Room for Risotto then?